Bedroom Shelving – DIY

Next to our bedroom closet we have this awkward shaped open space that also houses an outlet and a thermostat for a heater in the room.


Instead of framing it in, I decided I would install some shelving and make the space more useful.

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I had some random craft supplies, fabrics and a sewing machine that I needed space for so this was the perfect spot!



Our house is old so trying to get the shelving straight took some time, I couldn’t go by the outlet and thermostat on the wall since they are extremely crooked! Also, the studs in the wall were more than 16 inches apart.

However, I did learn something valuable that will definitely save us some money when we renovate the bedroom closet; never buy shelving from the shelving aisle! It was twice the price! I needed three 29 inch pieces of shelving and since shelving doesn’t come in that size I would of needed to have the pieces cut. So instead, I decided to check out the hardware section of Home Depot and found a 96 inch piece of melamine white shelving, which is much more sturdy than press wood, and it was only $14.99! I had one of the employees cut the board to the exact measurements I needed and I was done!

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6 Comment

  1. Amazing what a few shelves did for that space! Very nice

    1. Thanks! It feels so nice to have everything off the floor!

  2. looks wonderful! I actually would have thought it was original to the house the way it fits so perfectly! I also am living in a house where nothing is straight, level, or installed correctly so I understand your pain! :)

    1. Thanks Ashley, the benefit is we’re collecting all kinds of new tools!

  3. […] managed to paint it Silver Drop by Behr and install some shelving by the closet… but that’s about it. I’m quite embarrassed about it […]

  4. You did an amazing job with the space, now I am going to have to try this in my bedroom….it’s almost exactly the same empty wasted space. Too bad I don’t have a sewing machine, lovingly jealous😁

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