Sprite Table Makeover – Faux Marble

I decided to dive into the world of adhesive paper and try out some faux marble paper I found at the dollar store this past weekend, and since I was not a huge fan of the laminate table we had in our Sprite, it quickly became my next project.


I first tried to spray paint the bottom side of the table and the leg with no success, and then switched to a gloss white paint.


Much better.

Part 2 was applying the adhesive paper…. not so fun, I must say. It is very sticky! I learned very quickly not to let it touch any surfaces until I was absolutely sure of its proper resting place. Also, if you do end up removing the paper for repositioning, the paper will stretch increasing the amount of creases and could possibly make it unusable.

Below are some pictures of the process:




When I was finished I used a utility knife to go around the edges to take off the excess paper. I’m quite pleased with it, there is a seam down the middle but I don’t think it’s too noticeable as the pattern seems to distract from any imperfections. I’ll see how it holds up this summer and decide whether or not I’ll switch to something more permanent.

Next up for the Sprite is flooring and new cushions! As soon as we get rid of some of this snow…. :)

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