DIY Coffee Table Flowers

Do you ever get a thought stuck in your head about a certain piece of décor that you want and nothing else will do? I’m probably the worse for this. I recently thought that a small bouquet of pink flowers in a clear vase would be a perfect finishing touch for my coffee table in the living room, and although I’ve seen them a million times, for some reason I couldn’t find one anywhere. So, I made one instead!

Michael’s had a great sale on their Ashland flowers last week so I picked up a really pretty bouquet for $6.00. Then I purchased a vase from the dollar store and picked up an Acrylic Water Kit from Wal-Mart for $10.00. I had hoped that I could use the kit more than once, but the vase was larger than I thought.

WP_20150414_012The kit comes with a plastic tray, a bottle of epoxy resin, a bottle of curing agent, and a stir stick. You simply mix equal parts of the resin and curing agent and then stir them together in the tray.


Once the liquid is clear, pour it in the vase being careful not to splash it on the vase walls.


Then place the flowers in the liquid and allow 24-48 hours to cure.


Now I have all the essentials for my coffee table tray – a vase of flowers, a candle, a good read (seriously hilarious), and, of course, a peacock.



What are your favourite coffee table items?

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