Pink Flamingo Love

Lately I’ve had a bit of an obsession with pink flamingos and now that summer is on its way they’re starting to make an appearance as lawn ornaments and on clothing. However, I was really on the search for a large watercolor painting of a flamingo for the bedroom like the one in my mood board:

OB-TealGrayChartreuse Bedroom MakeoverAnd this week a friend of ours, who’s also a very talented artist, stopped by to make me one!! We got all the supplies from the dollar store, including the canvas, and within an hour it was finished!


Isn’t it beautiful??? I thought it deserved something a little nicer than just plain canvas, so I used some of my leftover hobby wood to make a frame for it.

DSC_0385I cut 4 pieces with 45 degree angles and then painted them white.


I then glued the edges together and put a nail into each side of the frame to secure it.


I absolutely love it and I learned a lot from watching her make it. I did, however, fill in the black on the eye…I’m not sure if that counts as artistic ability though. :)

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  1. Keetch, Nancy (DH/MS) says: Reply

    Happy Monday! Good lord you are good…you even make frames☺ Your friend did a really nice job. I’ve been on a hummingbird kick…yay for summer!

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