Painting the camper


The camper is finally painted :) All that’s left to do is decorate, which of course is the most exciting part! Last weekend we washed and taped the camper to get it ready for a new coat of paint, and then spent the next day painting it until we were interrupted by a little accident…

While bent over to get more paint on his brush, my husband came up full force hitting his head on the corner of one of the metal windows… and no more than 20 minutes later, he did it again! At this point we decided to call it quits, we were both really tired and were starting to make mistakes. I noticed later that night that my husband was acting a little different but I just figured he was exhausted and, to be honest, I wasn’t too sharp myself at that point. Thankfully though, someone at his work the next morning noticed that he definitely was not himself. I took him to the hospital not long after to find out that he actually had a concussion.

He’s doing better now, he spent last week at home resting, and we’re on vacation this week so that’ll give him more time to heal. I’ve always associated concussions with falling down stairs or playing football so I was a bit surprised when this happened, but it definitely was not a light bump on the head!

As for the camper, in case someone is curious, we used Behr’s Premium Plus exterior paint which has amazing reviews and is ideal for adhering to metal. It was $57 a can and we only used 1/2 a can for each color. The green is called Belfast and the white is called Palais White.









The final photos will be up next week so check back soon!

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