Glam Wedding on a Budget

A few months ago friends of ours asked me if I would decorate for their wedding and, of course, I was completely honored to do so!

It’s easy to go overboard when choosing decorations for a wedding so to keep costs low almost all of the decorations were DIY. The bride’s wedding colors were black, gray and white, so I decided to do a chalkboard themed wedding since it’s very popular right now and worked perfect with the colors she chose.

We already had this chalkboard frame hanging in our dining room so my husband built an easel for it to display outside the venue.

chalkboard wedding sign

For the gift/sign-in table we picked up some ornate frames on sale at HomeSense and some clear candle holders from the dollar store that we painted with chalkboard paint. We also got the card box from the dollar store and just cut an opening in the top for cards.

wedding 003

We used a paint pen and stencil to make the letters on the candles which stand for Zack and Amy.

black gray white glam wedding decor

In keeping with the chalkboard theme, I went searching for a black paged book and a white paint pen for guests to sign their names in. FYI – finding a black paged journal was definitely not easy since the gel pens craze is well in the past… remember that? Thankfully though, I was able to find this one at a local art supplies store and then added a label on the front.

wedding guest book

wedding 007

They wanted to have a cocktail wedding/reception so instead of a room full of tables and chairs, we had 2 sit down tables and then the rest of the room was filled with standing tables.

For the centerpieces, we bought tall vases and gray ribbon from the dollar store then spray painted a bunch of tree branches black and added some lights to the bottom of the vase and voila! A cute and inexpensive centerpiece.

wedding 008

To add a touch of class to the decor we chose black linens and gray pin-tuck runners for the tables and seating to match the centerpieces, and since it was a cocktail reception, we placed wine glasses on all the tables with decorative napkins inside.

wedding 011

The bride and groom were getting married in the same venue as the reception and we needed a backdrop for pictures, so my husband helped me make this inexpensive stand out of pvc pipe and grey curtains. (I forgot to take a picture of it before the wedding so the curtains are a bit wrinkly from being thrown in a box after the wedding was over.)


I made the banner out of some bristol board I got from the dollar store and a free stencil I found online. Once I bought the paint pen and ribbon, the banner only cost me about $10 to make.


No wedding is complete without a candy bar and it’s also an awesome way to keep children preoccupied…. at least until the sugar kicks in, but the music and dance floor should take care of that :) We also found these little chalkboard signs at the dollar store and placed them around the room.

wedding candy buffet

We even made a chalkboard banner for the lemonade dispenser.

wedding 014

Other than my own, this was the first wedding I’ve decorated and I had so much fun doing it! It’s a lot less stressful when your not the one getting married! Thanks Amy and Zack for the fun-filled experience :)

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