Garden Statues – Oh Deer!

DIY garden statue makeover baby deer

Now that winter is at our door, it may be a good time to re-imagine those outdoor garden statues and maybe even bring them inside! My husband found this cute little baby deer garden statue for me at a second-hand store last weekend to use in the nursery, and I immediately seen its potential and gave it a mini makeover!

baby deer garden statue before

Baby deer garden statue after

I started out by painting it all white but left the tail, hooves, and nose black and then covered the black spots with gold paint. I then added a bit of gold around the eyes and painted little eyelashes on it!

diy deer garden statue makeover gold white

I think it’s a great addition to our woodland nursery theme and it was so cheap and easy to do! But don’t worry, the gnomes are staying outside…for now.

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5 Replies to “Garden Statues – Oh Deer!”

  1. I have seen this garden statue before but with a different color. I like the statues that you can paint on your own because you can make the animal match the environment that it is in. My neighbors had a fawn like this and I would always think that it was real.

  2. I love having animal statues of different kinds in my garden. Well, me and my wife that is. She loves the way they look and has put quite a few different kinds in our yard. I love the baby deer stature, and its nice that you gave it a mini makeover. We are trying to find a horse statue for our garden currently.

    1. Oh that would be awesome!

  3. I love the look of the white garden deer you have! Re-purposing different statues is a great idea, especially if they are old or second-hand, like that deer. We need to put something like that out for the fall!

    1. Thanks Ridley, glad you like it!

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