Nursery Walls – Skim Coating and Wallpaper

Okay, so we’re finally done skim coating the nursery!! Remember this mess we got ourselves into a few weeks ago?

removing wallpaper - nursery makeover

Well it’s finally over and the nursery is starting to take shape! We spent about 2-3 days removing wallpaper and another 2 days skim coating to get to this point, but we saved a lot of money doing it ourselves and I’m very happy with how it looks.

diy skim coating walls - nursery makeover

One of the walls in the room is actually wood paneling, so I decided to turn that into our feature wall by installing this faux barn board wallpaper from Bouclair. This covered the seams of the paneling perfectly and makes a great focal point in the room.

Although we had hoped skim coating would be as easy as this guy makes it look, I think we did alright for our first time :)

We still need to sand and paint the walls and install new flooring, but the end is near!


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2 Replies to “Nursery Walls – Skim Coating and Wallpaper”

  1. What is skim coating?

    1. It’s a technique that drywallers use to smooth out imperfections in walls, you apply thin layers of joint compound onto a wall to smooth it out, then sand and paint! Very simple but dusty :)

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