Boys Outdoor Adventure Room – Toy Box Makeover

Hey guys! I have a real simple DIY project for you today. This toy box was made by Dylan’s grandfather and is going to be a hiding place for his toys when his room is complete, so I gave it a quick makeover to fit in with the rest of his room!

Boys Outdoor Adventure Room - Toy Box Makeover Before

Boys Outdoor Adventure Room - Toy Box Makeover

I opted for a chalk finish so I wouldn’t have to sand the wood beforehand, and I was very pleased with the coverage and texture of Rust-Oleum’s Chalked line. It’s not at all gritty like I was expecting and dried very quickly. I also picked up some craft rope from the dollar store and two packs of corner braces from the hardware store all for less than $20.


To start, I measured and drilled two holes on each side of the box for the rope handles.


I then spray painted it, and once it was dry, I pushed one end of the rope through the hole and then tied a knot on both sides.



Next, I tied another knot about 3-4 inches from the first knot and inserted the rope through the second hole.


The rope was fraying so I tied some electrical tape around the ends then cut it off once I tied a knot on the other side.



I then added two corner braces to all four corners of the box for an industrial feel. They’re also great as reinforcement! I can guarantee that this thing is never going to fall apart :)

DIY Toy Box Makeover -

Lastly, I hand-painted the “09”  for his year of birth and voila – a nautical/industrial toy box!



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