Lumberjack Themed Birthday Party

We celebrated my dad’s 54th birthday over the weekend, but instead of just having a regular get-together with snacks and cake, we did it lumberjack style! This seemed appropriate since my father’s wardrobe is comprised mostly of plaid shirts, jeans and work boots!

DIY Lumberjack Birthday Party

To begin, I cleared an area for the food and a backdrop.

DIY Lumberjack Party

I hung two strips of this birch wallpaper with thumbtacks . This is the wallpaper that will be going in Dylan’s room in a few weeks and I’m in love with it!

DIY Lumberjack Party Birch Wallpaper Backdrop

I found a free printable plaid banner from then just added some letters and hung them up with jute rope.

DIY Lumberjack Party Plaid Birthday Banner

Add a plaid tablecloth, woodsy decorations, and some tasty treats, and you have yourself a party!

Lumberjack Party Decor

All of the decorations are from Michael’s and the dollar store including the axe which I found in the Halloween section of Dollarama.

Lumberjack Party Decor

Moustache Sugar Cookies - Lumberjack Party

Lumberjack Party Skor Chocolate Cake

Printable Plaid Happy Birthday Banner

DIY Lumberjack Birthday Party

Everyone showed up in their best lumberjack attire and the axe made a debut in almost every photo! Definitely worth the dollar I spent on it :)

DIY Lumberjack Birthday Party

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  1. I love it! You are so creative!

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