Free Tropical Leaf Printables free tropical leaf printables

Hey guys, I just had to share with you these awesome free tropical leaves that I found over at! I’ve been trying to find art for this wall in the guest bedroom for some time now but I wanted something that would tie into the tropical theme and not be overwhelming or tacky. I think these are so glamorous hung together in black frames. I picked up the frames from the dollar store at $4 a piece so this project cost me less than $40 and I think it makes a great statement. If you’re not a fan of the leaves, she has a variety of vintage style printables on her site so be sure to take a look! Have a great weekend!


TV Stand Makeover

Hey guys! I wanted to give you an update on what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I picked up this laminate/wood tv stand second-hand for only $60 to replace an older and less interesting stand we’ve had for some time. The varnish had a few scratches on it and the masonite backing was torn but other than that it was in excellent condition.

Dark Brown TV Stand/Credenza Before

I had seen a similar tv stand recently at Canadian Tire that I really wanted, the only difference being that it was white, but they wanted $500 for it!! So when I saw this for $60, I had to get it! I then had to invest $26 in paint and sandpaper but I think I still came out ahead (just a little bit of sarcasm there).

Mouse Sander TV Stand Makeover

First, I used a course sandpaper to roughen up the surface and take off as much of the old varnish as possible.

Sanding Dark Brown TV Stand

Sanding Dark Brown TV Stand Cabinet Doors

Once I was done sanding, I wiped it down a few times with soapy water to make sure there was no leftover dust that would get into the paint.

I used Behr’s Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel which is what the paint expert at Home Depot told me is considered their furniture paint. It really went on well and definitely has an enamel-like finish.

Behr Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel White Paint TV Stand Makeover

It took about 2 coats using a roller brush to cover the dark wood and about 4 coats using a paint brush to cover all of the corners and inside lines.

TV Stand Makeover White Cabinet Doors

TV Stand Makeover White Paint

I let it dry for a few days in-between coats but the instructions indicate you can apply additional coats after an hour.

So after approximately 7 hours of sanding and painting, I can finally say it was totally worth it!

Before After White TV Stand

I think it’s even nicer than the new one I was drooling over, and I was able to personalize it by adding these clear glass knobs also from Home Depot.

Crystal Glass Knobs White TV Stand

Before After Painted White TV Stand

Before After White TV Stand

It’s starting to get a bit busy with Christmas only a few weeks away but I’m hoping to have our dining room finished before the new year so stay tuned and let me know what you think!

Lumberjack Themed Birthday Party

We celebrated my dad’s 54th birthday over the weekend, but instead of just having a regular get-together with snacks and cake, we did it lumberjack style! This seemed appropriate since my father’s wardrobe is comprised mostly of plaid shirts, jeans and work boots!

DIY Lumberjack Birthday Party

To begin, I cleared an area for the food and a backdrop.

DIY Lumberjack Party

I hung two strips of this birch wallpaper with thumbtacks . This is the wallpaper that will be going in Dylan’s room in a few weeks and I’m in love with it!

DIY Lumberjack Party Birch Wallpaper Backdrop

I found a free printable plaid banner from then just added some letters and hung them up with jute rope.

DIY Lumberjack Party Plaid Birthday Banner

Add a plaid tablecloth, woodsy decorations, and some tasty treats, and you have yourself a party!

Lumberjack Party Decor

All of the decorations are from Michael’s and the dollar store including the axe which I found in the Halloween section of Dollarama.

Lumberjack Party Decor

Moustache Sugar Cookies - Lumberjack Party

Lumberjack Party Skor Chocolate Cake

Printable Plaid Happy Birthday Banner

DIY Lumberjack Birthday Party

Everyone showed up in their best lumberjack attire and the axe made a debut in almost every photo! Definitely worth the dollar I spent on it :)

DIY Lumberjack Birthday Party

China Hutch Makeover

I’ve been slowly revamping our dining room over the past few months and recently found this solid wood hutch on Kijiji which fit perfectly in the empty space beside our kitchen.

Before China Cabinet Hutch Makeover

It’ll act as storage for dinnerware, random party supplies and board games that I have scattered around the house, but the best part is…. it lights up!

Before China Cabinet Hutch Makeover

I picked up a can of Pine Scent by Behr and then found these cute hand-painted ceramic knobs to replace the existing wooden hardware.

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Behr Pine Scent

I won’t lie, this took forever to paint! Even though I was using a  good quality paint and primer it still took 4 coats before I was satisfied with the coverage. I also used a de-glosser before I started so that the paint would adhere better.

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Behr Pine Scent Paint

But it was totally worth it :) I absolutely love how it turned out and it definitely makes a statement when you turn the corner into the dining room.

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Hand-Painted Ceramic Knows Green White

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Hand-Painted Ceramic Knows Green White

After - China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Green

My most recent obsession has been collecting blue and white china, so once I have a large enough collection I plan to display them in the hutch and throughout the dining room. I’ll have more pics of the room once I repaint the walls… green on green is not the final look!

Boys Outdoor Adventure Room – Toy Box Makeover

Hey guys! I have a real simple DIY project for you today. This toy box was made by Dylan’s grandfather and is going to be a hiding place for his toys when his room is complete, so I gave it a quick makeover to fit in with the rest of his room!

Boys Outdoor Adventure Room - Toy Box Makeover Before

Boys Outdoor Adventure Room - Toy Box Makeover

I opted for a chalk finish so I wouldn’t have to sand the wood beforehand, and I was very pleased with the coverage and texture of Rust-Oleum’s Chalked line. It’s not at all gritty like I was expecting and dried very quickly. I also picked up some craft rope from the dollar store and two packs of corner braces from the hardware store all for less than $20.


To start, I measured and drilled two holes on each side of the box for the rope handles.


I then spray painted it, and once it was dry, I pushed one end of the rope through the hole and then tied a knot on both sides.



Next, I tied another knot about 3-4 inches from the first knot and inserted the rope through the second hole.


The rope was fraying so I tied some electrical tape around the ends then cut it off once I tied a knot on the other side.



I then added two corner braces to all four corners of the box for an industrial feel. They’re also great as reinforcement! I can guarantee that this thing is never going to fall apart :)

DIY Toy Box Makeover -

Lastly, I hand-painted the “09”  for his year of birth and voila – a nautical/industrial toy box!