New Flooring in the Nursery

When we first started this renovation journey, I one, never thought it would take this long, and two, never thought I’d learn so much! Although I’ll probably never jump into another wallpaper removing project again, I can now sympathize with anyone that has ever gone through this messy ordeal. Last weekend, after applying two layers […]

Love Your Red Hair Day!!

Happy National Love Your Red Hair Day my redheaded friends! Thanks to the beautiful girls over at we now have a day all to ourselves! All through my teenage years and early twenties I had a love hate relationship with my reddish locks, pale skin and freckles, but I’ve come to embrace this unique phenomenon and […]

Painting the camper

The camper is finally painted :) All that’s left to do is decorate, which of course is the most exciting part! Last weekend we washed and taped the camper to get it ready for a new coat of paint, and then spent the next day painting it until we were interrupted by a little accident… While bent over to […]

Pink Flamingo Love

Lately I’ve had a bit of an obsession with pink flamingos and now that summer is on its way they’re starting to make an appearance as lawn ornaments and on clothing. However, I was really on the search for a large watercolor painting of a flamingo for the bedroom like the one in my mood board: […]

Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

I find I never really complete a project without giving myself a definitive deadline. So here it is, I’m finishing our bedroom! Since we moved in, I’ve slowly been acquiring furniture and knick-knacks for the room but continue to procrastinate on pulling it all together. The camper will soon be finished (approximately 6 weeks) so I’m going to give myself until the […]

My New Camera! Nikon D3200

I finally bought a new camera! I’ve been researching different types of cameras for the past year and decided to go with an entry level DSLR. The Nikon D3200 has great reviews and I especially love that it’s good for shooting in low light. I know nothing about cameras so I think this is a good starting […]