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  1. Cheryl says:

    Hello and a very wonderful Good Morning to you, I happen to be getting started on making our rental 2 bedroom townhouse our HOME- we rent currently. It is a delightful out of the busy way called South Village in Avalon Park. It’s a sweet home that needed some decorating mostly. I’ve chosen a “cottage Theme” I love cozy! I simply ador all of your posts there is not one I would not copy. Can O ask you where you purchased your faux counter top shelf paper and was it a difficult job? (The camper one) she is delightful as well. Ironically my son in law and daughter are in stage one of their camper makeover he has gutted the interior and so far still free! The cabinets not installed yet came from a darling home friends purchased 5 years ago. They just completed their kitchen makeover and was happy to gift the cabinets to Sam who will alter sizes and use for the free still camper. Of course there is a price for time, but I’m not sure that counts when it’s your hobby. Good to meet you. I’m in Orlando Florida US

    • Jolie Dionne says:

      Hi Cheryl! The contact paper was from the dollar store! I know they also sell similar versions of it at Home Depot and Kent, but I only paid $2 a roll! Just follow the instructions and you shouldn’t have any issues with it :) Thanks for commenting!

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