Lumberjack Themed Birthday Party

We celebrated my dad’s 54th birthday over the weekend, but instead of just having a regular get-together with snacks and cake, we did it lumberjack style! This seemed appropriate since my father’s wardrobe is comprised mostly of plaid shirts, jeans and work boots! To begin, I cleared an area for the food and a backdrop. I hung […]

China Hutch Makeover

I’ve been slowly revamping our dining room over the past few months and recently found this solid wood hutch on Kijiji which fit perfectly in the empty space beside our kitchen. It’ll act as storage for dinnerware, random party supplies and board games that I have scattered around the house, but the best part is…. it lights up! […]

First Giveaway!!

Hi everyone! I’m super excited about today’s post!! So a few weeks ago I decided to try painting with watercolors, I don’t consider myself very artsy but I read that watercolors were super forgiving which is exactly what I need when it comes to paint. I kind of surprised myself at how much I loved […]

Outdoor Bench Makeover

Can you believe that we found this on the side of the road for free?? The wood was definitely warped and needed to be replaced but the cast iron frame was in perfect condition! To start, we dismantled the bench making sure to save all of the nuts and bolts for the new wood pieces. […]

How to reupholster a chair

I’ve always wanted to learn how to do upholstery so when I saw that an evening leisure course was being offered at our local university called “Upholstery Made Easy” I just had to sign up! The course was for three hours every Monday night for six weeks and required you to bring a small piece […]

DIY Headboard for Under $80

One of my biggest pet peeves of having attic style bedrooms are these knee walls that give access to the roof. It just looked weird to place a bed in front of them, so I decided to hide it by building a higher headboard. That way we can still access the door but it doesn’t aggravate me on a […]

DIY Pillow Covers

So like most people that love to decorate, I’m obsessed with pillows! But I could never understand why they are so expensive! For instance, I’ve been looking at buying some dalmatian print pillows like the ones seen here at But I can’t justify spending $50 on just two pillows! Especially since I was looking […]