How Long Do Home Decor Trends Last? All You Need To Know

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How Long Do Home Decor Trends Last All You Need To Know

When people decorate their homes, it’s normally with the goal in mind of making their houses stylish and something that they can be proud of. And what determines style nowadays? That’s right, trends predominantly determine style.

So when people decorate their homes, they’re almost always trying to follow the popular home decor trends that they’re seeing everywhere else. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but some people feel that even if their home turns out to perfectly fit the current mold of a stylish house, it won’t stay that way.

And that is because of the tendency of trends to die out suddenly, leaving the previously “trendy” people with homes that are “so last season”. But what can you do to avoid this and make our home decor trends last as long as possible?

Well the first step is to understand…

How Long Do Home Decor Trends Last? All You Need To Know

The good news is that as far as trends go, home decor ones last longer than fashion ones. So whereas that “in-style” pair of jeans you just bought might no longer be cool in a week… A “trendy” home should stay that way for significantly longer.

As far as a definitive amount of time goes, that’s a bit harder to narrow down. This is due to all of the variables that go into predictions like these. In general, though, big home decor trends will last about a decade or even more before they officially go out of style.

One thing that could change how long the trends last is how simple they are. More simple trends have the potential to become “classics” that will go out of style. But more unique and complicated trends will burn out a lot faster and never be heard of again.

And that brings us to the main method that you can use to avoid your home suddenly going out of style along with the death of the latest trend. This method is basing your home decor style around more timeless trends, aka the classic ones. Because once a style is considered a classic, it will always be somewhat trendy.

But how do you know which styles are classics and which ones you should use to decorate your home? Don’t worry, we got you!

How Long Do Home Decor Trends Last? All You Need To Know

How can I make sure my Home decor is always following a trend that lasts in time?

Tip #1 – A Bland Palette will make it easier for your you to adapt to future home decor trends

First, you’re going to want to keep a somewhat bland palette. By keeping your home decor on the simple and bland side, you’ll be able to make small adjustments to it in order to fit newer trends if you like. All this without having to redo the whole thing to make it fit together.
Simple decor will go with anything.

Some ideas for simple decor that would work well if you decide to use this method are…

How Long Do Home Decor Trends Last? All You Need To Know

  • White walls, whether it be plain white or a slightly tinted white, will always work well in homes. This a timeless trend in of itself and it also provides a bland palette for you to be able to add any wall decorations of your choice.

Another great thing about white walls is that it opens up the opportunity to add “accent walls” for a pop of color. This, without you having to paint your entire room a bold color that might go out of style in a few years and force you to repaint.

And as if you needed any more convincing, white walls can also provide a big boost of light in otherwise shady rooms.

How Long Do Home Decor Trends Last? All You Need To Know

  • Embracing the minimalist style could be another great move to keep a bland look. The less busy and crowded your rooms are, the more room you have to add trendy statement pieces as they come in style.

Also, the minimalist style is popular in its own right and looks like it might have been a trend that indeed became a classic. So your house will always look trendy if it’s minimalistic looking.
And let’s be honest, it makes your home a lot easier to keep clean anyway.

How Long Do Home Decor Trends Last? All You Need To Know

Tip #2 – To Stay Modern, Embrace The Old

And by this, I mean invest in some antiques. This could be antique furniture, antique paintings, antique sculptures, etc. Like we mentioned earlier, some things just don’t go out of style and antique items are one of those trends.

You can easily get antiques or antique-looking items by going to your local flea market or shopping online, among other options. Don’t go overboard with this tip though, remember that less is more. Simplicity is best!

How Long Do Home Decor Trends Last? All You Need To Know

Tip #3 – Always Have Bookshelves

If there is one staple furniture item that you always need in your house it is without a doubt bookcases. Wooden, metal, whatever type works best with the rest of your home. Bookcases are always a great option.

And you don’t have to be an avid reader for this to work to your advantage. You could include some books purely for decoration, or you could use your bookshelves for other types of decoration like knick-knacks, plants, or photos.

How Can I Make Sure My Home Is Always Trendy (3)

In conclusion…

Different home decor styles come and go, but if you want to stay trendy, then by following some of the tips that we’ve shared today, you can avoid the fickleness of the trend game and decorate your house in a timeless way.

And above all, remember to decorate your house in the way that you want to. It’s your home after all, so it should be a place that you feel comfy and at home in, even if it isn’t the most stylish.

How long do home decor trends lastHow Long Do Home Decor Trends Last? All You Need To Know


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