All About Buying Patio Furniture For Windy Areas

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Buying Patio Furniture For Windy Areas

Patio furniture costs money, there’s no denying it. And no matter how much you’ve spent on your pieces, it’s probably safe to say that you want to keep them around for as long as you can. But this is can be easier said than done if you live in certain areas.

Today, we’re specifically referring to if you live in a windy area. Because certain types of patio furniture have been known to blow away and get lost. Or at the very least get thrown around by the wind. Which could damage nearby objects or buildings and the furniture itself.

If you’re having this problem, then this article is to help you figure out what the ideal type of patio furniture is for windy areas.

Finding Wind-Resistant Patio Furniture

There are essentially three things that you can do to keep your patio furniture safe in windy conditions…

  • You can choose types of patio furniture that are wind-resistant.
  • You choose patio furniture made out of heavy materials.
  • Or find a way to secure your lightweight patio furniture.

But now let’s get into those concepts in a bit more detail!

What Are Some Wind-Resistant Patio Furniture Types

There are certain shapes and varieties of outdoor furniture that are less responsive to wind than others. So in this section, we’re going to look at the top three types of patio furniture that are perfect for windy weather.

  1. Lattice-Backed Chairs – Chairs with holes or slits, or other decorative shapes in their backing will be more resistant to wind than chairs with solid backings. This is because the wind will pass through the openings instead of “catching” the chair and carrying it away.
  2. Barstools – You may be noticing a pattern here, but seating without backs is less likely to shift around. So barstools are another great wind-resistant option. And as an added bonus, they’re very easy to store under other furniture in case a particularly windy day is coming.
  3. Heavy Cushions – If you choose heavier cushions then not only will you be able to avoid the cushions themselves blowing away, but the weight them will also weigh down the furniture itself. You could also consider buying cushions that tie to the furniture, although this won’t help weight the pieces down in the same way. You won’t have to worry about your cushions blowing away.

A Bonus Tip – Fire tables are features in many backyards and patios, but in areas of high wind, the fire could become a safety concern. A way around this is to choose a fire table with wide margins and platforms around the flame. That way if the wind does knock the fire around, people won’t be burned by it.

What Are Some Wind-Resistant Materials For Patio Furniture?

Some materials, such as plastic and aluminum, are going to move around quite a bit as patio furniture. Especially if you live in a windy area. So it’s best to invest in some heavier patio furniture if you can.

Here are some ideas for patio furniture materials that could stand strong against wind gusts.

Teak Wood – Teak is a type of hardwood that patio furniture is often made out of, but it is quite expensive. The expense might be worth it though if you do live in a windy area. Because the wood is so heavy that the furniture pieces rarely shift at all.

Stainless Steel – Another common material that’s used for outdoor furniture is stainless steel. Much like teak wood, stainless steel is quite expensive. It’s a durable material though, and not only is it wind-resistant, but it will last you a long time. So it’s definitely an investment worth considering.

Wrought Iron – Yet another expensive option, wrought iron is extremely heavy and patio furniture made out of it will not blow in the wind whatsoever.

Buying Patio Furniture For Windy Areas

How Can You Secure Patio Furniture Against Wind?

Things like furniture ties, bungee cords, and weighted bags could be attached to patio furniture in order to stop it from moving around in the wind. But if you live in a constantly windy area then such unattractive ways of securing patio furniture might not be your best option.

So here are some more subtle ways that you could secure your outdoor furniture…

Blocking The Wind

One of the best ways to keep the wind from blowing your furniture around is to put something between the pieces and the wind. One potential idea would be planting some greenery around your patio area. Tall shrubs, hedges, and even trees, could keep some of the wind away from the furniture.

Alternatively, you could place a fence around your patio. Specifically, wooden fences with slats could keep your furniture protected.

Drilling The Furniture Into The Patio or Deck

This would only work if you have a patio or deck, not if your furniture is simply on the ground. But if you do have one of those two things then you can consider this tip.

Simply arrange your furniture the way you’d like it to be, then drill the furniture directly into the patio or deck.

And if you don’t have wooden furniture, then you could drill two planks of wood on either side of each furniture piece into the deck or patio. This would form an anchor of sorts and keep things from shifting around too much.


If you’re living in a windy area and are unsure how to buy patio furniture that will stay put, then hopefully this information has helped you out. The easiest solution is to buy heavier furniture, but that could be too expensive for you if you’re on a budget. And if that’s the case then some of our alternative tips might be of help to you!

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