Bathroom Makeover Reveal

After nearly a year in our first house we finally finished the bathroom!  It’s been a long week carefully planning the renovation and thankfully everything went smoothly.  We spent the entire day yesterday replacing the flooring, vanity, and toilet in the bathroom… with a pizza break in between of course :) and just as a reminder here is the bathroom before ….

868068_4238823_lg (2)

Drum roll please!

It feels so fresh and clean now! My husband and I  wanted to create a space that would closely resemble a luxe hotel bathroom so I had decided that the color scheme would be black and white with gold accents. My first purchase was the damask wallpaper which I used as my guide for the rest of the bathroom.

Home Depot had  a great bathroom clearance so I was able to score the vanity and toilet for under $400!  All in all this renovation came in under $800 and it was well worth it.  My husband wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was at the beginning, he felt that the bathroom was fine just the way it was, but now he can’t stop talking about how amazing it looks! A big thank you to my father and husband for doing all the dirty work!!

The vanity didn’t come with a backsplash so today we ran out and grabbed five 3×6 subway tiles and created our own backsplash for less than $2! and it just so happened to be the exact length of the vanity….oh and just so you know, I installed the taps…that was my contribution :) aren’t they cute?

When we got married we had a candy buffet for our guests and I wanted to keep a few of the apothecary jars that I had used  to store bathroom essentials such as q-tips and bath salts.

The vanity was originally an off-white color when I purchased it but in this space it was just a little too much white for me, so I painted it Chinchilla Grey by Martha Stewart.


Now onto the next project!

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12 Replies to “Bathroom Makeover Reveal”

  1. You did an amazing job with your bathroom and it does look like a hotel bath. :) Can’t wait to see your next project.

  2. Love your bathroom, can you tell me what flooring you used?

    1. Thanks Tricia! it was a vinyl flooring that I found at Ritchie’s Carpet Warehouse on clearance. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what brand of flooring it is, my guess is Tarkett since that’s what this store mainly sells.

  3. I can’t tell by the pics – did you replace a shower curtain? Do you have art on the walls?

    1. Hi Beth! the bathroom is very small! so there isn’t much wall space for art. We bought a white shower curtain with a monogrammed “D” on it but we’re not very happy with the quality of the fabric so we’re currently shopping around for another one :) thanks for asking.

  4. Hello – I came here from Apartment Therapy because I’ve never reacted with an “Ooohhh…!” to a bathroom vanity before :). I was wondering if you had painted yours. Can you tell me which vanity it was from Home Depot? I like that it has legs too. Thanks.

    1. I’m happy you like it! I actually did paint it, the color is Chinchilla grey by Martha Stewart, it’s a very light grey. The vanity is Glacier Bay – Bajera. I’ve included a link to it below on the home depot website:

      Thanks for commenting!

      1. Love the new bathroom look. Great job! I see the right side of the bathroom vanity is up against the wall. Can you post a picture of how wide the gap between vanity and wall? Will be installing a similar looking vanity was wondering how the final look would be in the bathroom. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Sandee! We had to place the vanity against the wall because of how the plumbing was originally installed in the bathroom. The drain pipe going from the sink actually goes out through the right wall,so we had to make a hole in the vanity to get it to fit. You can see a better picture of it in this link:

  6. Wow….it’s look amazing. Really nice

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