Bathroom Makeover Reveal

After nearly a year in our first house we finally finished the bathroom!  It’s been a long week carefully planning the renovation and thankfully everything went smoothly.  We spent the entire day yesterday replacing the flooring, vanity, and toilet in the bathroom… with a pizza break in between of course :) and just as a reminder here is the bathroom before ….

868068_4238823_lg (2)

Drum roll please!

glam black and white bathroom makeover after

It feels so fresh and clean now! My husband and I  wanted to create a space that would closely resemble a luxe hotel bathroom so I had decided that the color scheme would be black and white with gold accents. My first purchase was the damask wallpaper which I used as my guide for the rest of the bathroom.

Home Depot had  a great bathroom clearance so I was able to score the vanity and toilet for under $400!  All in all this renovation came in under $800 and it was well worth it.  My husband wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was at the beginning, he felt that the bathroom was fine just the way it was, but now he can’t stop talking about how amazing it looks! A big thank you to my father and husband for doing all the dirty work!!

The vanity didn’t come with a backsplash so today we ran out and grabbed five 3×6 subway tiles and created our own backsplash for less than $2! and it just so happened to be the exact length of the vanity….oh and just so you know, I installed the taps…that was my contribution :) aren’t they cute?


When we got married we had a candy buffet for our guests and I wanted to keep a few of the apothecary jars that I had used  to store bathroom essentials such as q-tips and bath salts.


The vanity was originally an off-white when I purchased it but I thought it deserved a bit of color so I chose to paint it Chinchilla Grey by Martha Stewart, and I love that it has legs to keep it up off the floor!

  WP_20140424_001 WP_20140427_013

Now onto the next project :)

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10 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover Reveal

  1. Jocelyne says:

    You did an amazing job with your bathroom and it does look like a hotel bath. :) Can’t wait to see your next project.

    • Jolie Dionne says:

      Thanks Tricia! it was a vinyl flooring that I found at Ritchie’s Carpet Warehouse on clearance. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what brand of flooring it is, my guess is Tarkett since that’s what this store mainly sells.

    • Jolie Dionne says:

      Hi Beth! the bathroom is very small! so there isn’t much wall space for art. We bought a white shower curtain with a monogrammed “D” on it but we’re not very happy with the quality of the fabric so we’re currently shopping around for another one :) thanks for asking.

  2. Jen in NM says:

    Hello – I came here from Apartment Therapy because I’ve never reacted with an “Ooohhh…!” to a bathroom vanity before :). I was wondering if you had painted yours. Can you tell me which vanity it was from Home Depot? I like that it has legs too. Thanks.

      • Sandee says:

        Love the new bathroom look. Great job! I see the right side of the bathroom vanity is up against the wall. Can you post a picture of how wide the gap between vanity and wall? Will be installing a similar looking vanity was wondering how the final look would be in the bathroom. Thanks!

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