New Flooring in the Sprite!

Alright, so this had to be the easiest project we’ve done so far in the Sprite! The beautiful green (ish) carpet occupying the floor space of the camper had overstayed its welcome and it was time for something a little more sweepable…


We sifted through a few pre-cut pieces of vinyl at Kent’s and then picked out one with a nice dark wood finish. We needed a 6×8 piece so it only cost us $34.00! and then about $12.00 for moulding. We already had vinyl glue from doing our bathroom so we just dabbed a little around the edges to keep the flooring in place.


We laid the existing carpet over the vinyl to make a template and then traced around it with a marker. Since we were also adding moulding we knew it didn’t have to be exact. There are a few different ways to lay vinyl but this works for us. Once it was in the sprite we just fixed any spots that were too wide with an x-acto knife.

WP_20150411_008Now for some before and afters!





There’s still lots more work to be done but it’s finally starting to look like I envisioned :)

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4 Replies to “New Flooring in the Sprite!”

  1. It looks amazingly neater with your new flooring. You are a pro Jolene! I love doing that stuff too but I don’t have a project right now :)

  2. You can take some of my projects if you’d like :P Thanks Jocelyne :)

  3. susan butler says: Reply

    I, too, own a Sprint. I found mine in a vacant lot , parked next to a dumpster. It is a 1966 400. It’s in pretty darn good shape, structurally. Certainly needs some improvement on the inside. Right now, I’m concentrating on the outside. Sanding, repainting, and caulking. Thanks for your post on caulking! I’m in love with Sprint make. They are very rare in the US. Hardly anyone has ever heard of them. But when they see one, they fall in love. Great little campers/caravans. SusanB

    1. Wow! I can’t believe you found it by a dumpster, what an awesome find!! We fell in love with the shape of ours, it’s the perfect little camper. I knew nothing about Sprite Caravans before we bought it but now I’m in love with them all. Thanks for commenting!

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