Vintage Caravan Makeover – Final Costs

Now that summer is behind us and it’s time to pack up the Sprite, I thought I would give a breakdown of the final costs of our camper renovation to anyone interested in knowing what a vintage camper might set them back.

Sprite 110We found ours on kijiji this past December which I think was the perfect time to buy it since no one else seemed to be in the market for one. So, I would definitely suggest looking for one when it’s out of season to get the best deal.

We purchased the camper for only $1,300 and we estimate that we put an additional $800 into the renovation/makeover. A breakdown of the estimated costs are below along with a link to some of the projects from past posts:

Interior paint/primer: $40
Dining table/counter makeover (faux marble adhesive paper) $4
Vinyl flooring $54
Handmade curtains $20
New cushions $200 (instead of reupholstering we found summer bench cushions that fit perfectly)
Cupboard hardware/trim $100
Adhesive tile $20
Exterior paint/caulking/sand paper $200
Decorations/pillows $150

Due to a  set back we had this summer with our vehicle ( and by set back I mean it finally died and we spent nearly a month looking  for a new one) we were unable to take it on as many trips as we would have liked but there’s always next summer! :)

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  1. marie robertson says: Reply

    i lov ure caravan & i love 2 get away on my own frm the the stresers life & i wld b well happy i f 2 stay in ure caravan was allowed

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