China Hutch Makeover

I’ve been slowly revamping our dining room over the past few months and recently found this solid wood hutch on Kijiji which fit perfectly in the empty space beside our kitchen.

Before China Cabinet Hutch Makeover

It’ll act as storage for dinnerware, random party supplies and board games that I have scattered around the house, but the best part is…. it lights up!

Before China Cabinet Hutch Makeover

I picked up a can of Pine Scent by Behr and then found these cute hand-painted ceramic knobs to replace the existing wooden hardware.

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Behr Pine Scent

I won’t lie, this took forever to paint! Even though I was using a  good quality paint and primer it still took 4 coats before I was satisfied with the coverage. I also used a de-glosser before I started so that the paint would adhere better.

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Behr Pine Scent Paint

But it was totally worth it :) I absolutely love how it turned out and it definitely makes a statement when you turn the corner into the dining room.

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Hand-Painted Ceramic Knows Green White

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Hand-Painted Ceramic Knows Green White

After - China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Green

My most recent obsession has been collecting blue and white china, so once I have a large enough collection I plan to display them in the hutch and throughout the dining room. I’ll have more pics of the room once I repaint the walls… green on green is not the final look!

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8 thoughts on “China Hutch Makeover

  1. Rittika says:

    Hi there! Have recently come across your blog and really enjoy reading your posts. They are sweet, simple and totally doable. Love your hutch makeover… would love to know your name too! :-)

  2. MSBLAS says:

    Wow you did an amazing job in revamping this hutch, I totally love it!! I have a China cabinet by Broyhill that I was supposed to paint but was not able to, so I offered it to my sister cause I need the space. Now that I see how yours turned out, I’m regretting it 😔😢. I love the color green you used
    on it, I was going to paint mine white. Thank you for sharing your DIY’s!

  3. Winnie Boykins says:

    Thanks for the idea! i decided my apartment was too dark in the winter and all of my furniture was too dark, so seeing your article, i decided to paint my china cabinet and bookcases. fantastic! for me the painting went really quick! i used Valspar Cabinet Paint, it’s a paint and primer in one. my bookcases were black, painted them a light brown, i painted my china cabinet a light mustard yellow, each took about 3-4 coats, dried really fast. covers really well. also what helped, lady at hardware store recommend the Whizz mini foam paint rollers. they spread the paint really well & are easy to use. now i am itching to paint something else! thanks again for the inspiration!

  4. Margarite says:

    Love the new, updated look AND the beautiful green color! The knobs are fresh and SO pretty, too. You look like you did a wonderful job covering and painting.

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