Eclectic Entryway Makeover – Mood Board

I’ve been putting a lot of time and energy lately into some much needed landscaping around the house now that spring is here, which is why I’ve been MIA for awhile. But I took last week off to concentrate on our entryway which was in desperate need of some TLC!

This is probably one of the most neglected spaces in our home which is a shame since it’s the first thing people see as they come in. I want it to reflect my love for color and vintage items so I created a mood board to use as a guide for this space. Doing this always gives me a pretty good idea of what the space will look like before I start shopping and saves me from returning a bunch of regrets.

The room is only about 24 square feet with two doors and a window so that leaves me with one wall to really work with and it’ll need to accommodate a coat rack…. :)

We spent most of last week tearing up the existing hardwood floor in the entryway and uncovered quite a bit of rot in the sub floor at the base of the front door. This wasn’t a complete shock to us since the hardwood was showing signs of water damage in that section of the room so I’m glad we were able to remove it before it got any worse. A huge thank you to my husband who spent an entire day ripping it out and replacing it so I could get down to business!

I just finished grouting the tiles last night so hopefully I can have the room completed this weekend.

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5 Replies to “Eclectic Entryway Makeover – Mood Board”

  1. Great work, it’s beginning to look good, I know how much work it involves preparing the floor and tilling but it’s worth it and it will last forever. Keep up the good work.

  2. This is awesome work.

    1. Thanks! I’m excited to see it all come together :)

  3. Elva Blijden says: Reply

    Great, beautiful work done where the tiling is concerned. My husband and myself took over his father’s home after his passing. It is not easy to re-do a home. The tiling was the biggest challenge when the tiles has to n laid down in diamond shape. But it was quite interesting going through that challange. It encourages u to continue trying

    1. wow diamond shape would be challenging for sure! Hope all your renovations go smoothly :)

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