Eclectic Kitchen Makeover Inspiration

Happy 2018 everyone! I am so excited about today’s announcement!! I have been planning this kitchen makeover in my head now for nearly 5 years and I’m finally ready to take on the challenge.

This is what our kitchen currently looks like:

It’s not bad but it’s definitely lacking some style and doesn’t go with the rest of the house.

As you can see from this moodboard I created, I plan to paint the kitchen cabinets grey and accent them with gold pulls. I’ll be replacing the countertop and sink for something much darker and adding a glass mosaic tile as the backsplash. I also fell in love with this vintage lemon wallpaper and would love to use it somewhere in the space.

This is definitely going to be the biggest project I’ve ever worked on besides restoring our vintage camper. I’m going to DIY as much of it as possible and I’ll be updating all of you as I go! I’m most excited about extending the cabinets to the ceiling, I even took a free course offered by Home Depot on how to install crown moulding, so I’m feeling extra prepared.

Here’s the order in which I plan to tackle the kitchen:

  1. Paint walls white
  2. Extend cabinets
  3. Paint cabinets
  4. Install hardware
  5. Hang wallpaper
  6. Replace countertop/sink/faucet
  7. Install backsplash

Painting will be the most time consuming part of this project and since I’ll also be working full time, I’m going to give myself a few weeks to get that part out of the way. For instant updates be sure to follow me on Instagram @vintagemeetsglamblog and wish me luck!

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6 Replies to “Eclectic Kitchen Makeover Inspiration”

  1. Ooh, extending your cabinets?! This is on my wish list for our house too… Excited to hear about how it goes!! Love your inspiration!

    1. Thanks Kristen! Fingers crossed!!

  2. Did I read right, you took a course in installing crown moldings!….. Hum…… just kidding you should do OK including the ___corners,____ GOOD LUCK IN YOUR PROJECT… This comes from J.C. the pro.

    1. haha I swear I did!! I’ll be fine with the corners :P Eric on the other hand might need to take a few courses… :)

  3. I love your choices for your kitchen. Can’t wait to see your full reveal

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