Sprite – Cupboards / Backsplash

Have you ever heard of Stick-It Self-Adhesive Wall Tiles? Basically they’re  a strong sticker with a tile design that you adhere to the wall. I’m not a huge fan of them for a kitchen but for a camper or an RV I think they are absolutely perfect. They were on clearance at Home Depot for $20 so I picked up 2 packs of 8 to do a backsplash in the camper behind the stove and sink.



They were very easy to install but with the changing temperature in the camper, from warm during the day and cold at night, they tend to curl on the edges. The day we put them on the wall we had a portable heater plugged in while we were working but that night it was cold and by morning half of the tiles had started to fall off. So, we’ve been adding small amounts of super glue to the edges to keep it down and the instructions also recommend caulking the outer edge once finished, which we will do as soon as we’re happy about how it’s sticking.

Also, I’m very excited about how the cupboards turned out! They are exactly how I pictured they would be :) Here is the before picture:



And after!



After priming all the walls and cupboards in the camper, I bought some flat pieces of moulding for the cupboard doors, cut them to size, and applied wood glue to secure it all together.




Then I applied a coat of White Semi-Gloss Enamel paint by Behr to give the cupboards a nice shiny finish!


I’m not yet done with the bottom cupboards as I would like to have the middle section flush with the rest of the cupboards and also replace the countertops. In case you are wondering we painted the fridge with Krylon spray paint in Catalina Mist (my new favourite color).

We’re planning to tackle the flooring next but for now I’ll leave you with a picture of the new curtains I made for the camper!


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  1. tommy gribbon says: Reply

    stunning work

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