Learn how to Properly Paint a Rainbow on your Wall

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Learn how to Properly Paint a Rainbow on your Wall

When you are living in an apartment, you always want to give a new look to your home with something. And sometimes, changing wall painting is one of the best ways to change your room’s atmosphere.

Some people love rainbows as it’s known to have many healing effects if it is done correctly. Therefore, you should consider painting a rainbow on your wall if you have an empty wall.

This project is perfect for kids, but adults will love it too. Other than adding a little dream to our space, painting a rainbow wall also adds an excellent perspective of colors to our living room. It’s always good to have them in every corner, to follow up the rainbow colors all over your room, which makes us feel more relaxed. Here’s a guide to the steps of how to paint a rainbow on the wall.

How to Paint Rainbow on Wall

Painting a rainbow on your wall is usually a step by step guide. Here’s how to do it:

Map out the wall

Now it’s time to get serious. To paint a rainbow on your wall, you’ll first need to map out your design to paint a rainbow on your wall.

  • Mark the center of your wall and make sure you know where that is. You’ll draw two lines from this point: horizontal and vertical. This will divide your rainbow into four equal sections: red, orange, yellow, and green.
  • Next, mark the edges of your wall so you know where they are. You’ll use these lines later as guides when painting stripes through those areas of color to create arches between each section.
  • Now mark where each stripe will go: red (top), orange (left), yellow (right), and green (bottom). These should be evenly spaced to ensure that no part of the rainbow touches another section without being separated by an arch. This way, everything stays balanced! If possible, try making them equal in length, but don’t worry too much about getting exact numbers here since we’re creating something artistic instead of scientific.

Decide on your final dimensions.

It’s essential to decide on the final dimensions of your rainbow before starting. You don’t have to have the whole thing planned out, but knowing how many colors you want and how many stripes or arches you’ll be painting is helpful.

If you want to paint just one stripe in a room or hallway, that’s probably all you need. If this is going to be something more than just one stripe, then take some time before getting started so that it looks great!

Identify the center of your wall & mark your stripes

Once you’ve determined the center of your wall, measure and draw your lines. The distance between each strip should equal the width of the bar itself. For example: if you want one-inch broad stripes, you would measure out an inch from either side of your center point.

The length that these lines extend is also up to you. You can make them run across your wall or stop short at a certain point.

Draw your vertical lines

It’s time to get your first stripe going! You’ll want to use a pencil and ruler, as the lines should be straight. First, measure the width of your wall. Then measure how long you want your painted stripes on each wall. Finally, measure the width of each strip itself. Once you have all these measurements written down on paper or in an app like Google Keep or Excel, draw out where your vertical lines will go using a ruler and pencil.

Learn how to Properly Paint a Rainbow on your Wall

Fill in with paint

The next step is to begin filling in the stripes. Use a small brush for this, dipping it into each color of paint before filling in one line at a time. If you have some leftover paint from other parts of your project, you can also use that to fill in any holes or gaps between your stripes that may appear as they dry.

When the stripes are painted and dry, you are ready to start applying your arches! The easiest way to do this is simply by using pressure on the roller while moving it along the wall, and voila! Your rainbow arch is complete!

Paint in the remaining alternate colors

It’s time to paint in the remaining alternate colors. You’ve already painted the first coat of white, and now it’s time for the second coat. Once you have completed this step, you’ll be ready to go over your rainbow with a sealing coat of clear varnish.

Paint the second coat on

The next step is to paint the second coat of paint. This will cover up any mistakes and give your rainbow a smooth finish. Don’t worry if you don’t like the color after this coat is dry – you can always repaint!

If you want to make sure that your paint job looks perfect, it’s best not to worry about making mistakes. If you’re careful and patient, no one will likely notice those little imperfections anyway! Just make sure that it has dried completely when you’re done painting before touching anything else.

Repeat the two-coat painting process on the alternate colors

The best part about this process is that the second coat of paint goes on much easier. You should be able to squeeze out about double the amount of color from each tube. Don’t worry about getting carried away and making a mess; your first coat will cover most of it anyway!

How Do You Pick a Design?

You’ve probably seen rainbow-painted walls in Instagram pictures, but if you’re not feeling inspired by the designs already out there, here are some tips for creating your own:

  • Keep it simple! It’s easy to get carried away when designing with rainbows, but keep things simple. If you add too many colors, the palette will look messy rather than pretty. Keep things simple by using only two or three colors in each spectrum section.
  • Be careful when choosing your shapes! Shapes can make or break a design. Choosing the wrong form for your spectrum will make it look unbalanced and off-center. Make sure that each state is placed in the right spot!
  • Don’t forget about white space! White space is essential in any design because it helps create balance and harmony between elements on the page. It also makes your content easier to read and allows viewers’ eyes to rest between different sections of text or graphics.

How long does this project take?

How long it takes to do a rainbow wall depends on the size of your wall and how many colors you use. For example, if you are painting a small room with only one or two walls, then it will take less time than if you were painting an entire living room with all four walls in different colors. The average time it takes to paint a rainbow on your walls is 2-6 hours, depending on how ample your space is. If you’re adding more colors to make it look bigger or smaller depending on the effect you’re trying for, we would say about 3-4 hours per color.


And there you have it! This simple way to add some extra color and energy to your walls. It’s easy to do, costs next to nothing, and will give you a chance to get creative without investing time or money. If you’re looking for something more permanent than paint, consider using wallpaper instead!


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