Learn How To Update a 1970s Stone Fireplace in 2022

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How To Update a 1970s Stone fireplace

Most of us have experienced the dread of owning a brick fireplace: They’re dull and usually involve a lot of upkeep. But you can update that 1970s concrete and brick fireplace if you do it yourself. There is quite a bit you can do on your own to modernize a 1970s fireplace. Here’s a step-by-step guide on updating your stone fireplace from the 70s.

How To Update a 1970s Stone fireplace

Steps for updating a 1970s Stone fireplace

Here is how to update a 1970s stone fireplace. This is one of the easiest projects you can do in your home. The best part is it’s not even that expensive.

Step 1 – Remove Old Stone

First thing first, we need to remove all of the old stone from around our fireplace. This will be a big job because there’s quite a bit of rock there and it’s pretty thick so it’s not just going to come right off.

We’ll use a hammer drill and chisel to knock all this out so we can get down to our brickwork underneath here.

Step 2 – Repair Any Structural Damage

If there are cracks or holes in your stone walls, then now is the time to fix them before they get any worse. This can be done by filling in the cracks with mortar or plaster and then smoothing them down with sandpaper or a hammer and chisel if needed until they smooth again. If there are holes in your stones, then find matching stones at your local hardware store.

How To Update a 1970s Stone fireplace

Step 3 – Cleaning and prepping.

The second step is to clean and prep the fireplace. You want to ensure that there are no loose stones or mortar on the face of your fireplace, as well as check for any cracks or damage in the rock itself. If there are any cracks or dings, it’s best to have them repaired by a professional before going ahead with your project.

Step 4 – Preparing for paint.

Once you’ve cleaned up all of your walls, you’ll want to apply painter’s tape along the back wall of your fireplace where the new mantle will be installed. This will help keep any paint from getting onto your wall when you paint over it. You’ll also want to tape off any other areas that might get splattered with paint while working on this project (such as electrical outlets and switches).

Step 5 – Add accent color to the hearth/bottom of the firebox.

This is an easy way to update your old stone fireplace. Add some color on top of black or gray stone by using paintable grill paint (available at most home improvement stores) in your chosen color combination. You can add more than one color if you want, but remember that this will require more coats than just one coat of paint would typically take.

How To Update a 1970s Stone fireplace

How To Install Fireplace Hearth Insulation

Here’s how to install fireplace hearth insulation in your home:

Step 1: Clean the hearth (the stone surrounding the firebox) with a wire brush and vacuum. This will remove all dirt and debris from beneath the surface of the hearth.

Step 2: Cut your insulation to size using scissors or a utility knife. Make sure you have enough material to cover the entire hearth area without any gaps or overlaps.

Step 3: Apply adhesive backing to one side of each piece of insulation, then firmly press them into place around the perimeter of the hearth. Leave about 3 inches of space between each piece for airflow between them.

To install the insulation, cut pieces of foam board that are slightly larger than the surface area of each side of the firebox using scissors or a utility knife with a sharp blade. Place each piece over one side of the firebox and press firmly into place until it conforms to all edges perfectly forming a tight seal between the surface and foam board material.

How To Update a 1970s Stone fireplace

Additional Tips for updating a 1970s stone fireplace

Use modern colors

Instead of painting your fireplace with a neutral color, try using bold colors like red or turquoise. These colors will make your room feel fresh and modern without looking out of place.

Add some texture

You can add texture to your walls by adding tile or wainscoting at the bottom of the wall, or by adding molding around all four edges of your fireplace. Be sure to keep it simple so it doesn’t overpower the rest of your decorating scheme. If you have an existing mantel, consider replacing it with one made from wood or metal instead of stone; this will help bring more light into the room since wood reflects more light than stone does.

Add Some Personality

One of the best things about updating a stone fireplace is that it allows you to add personality and character to your home’s décor without having to spend too much money on materials or labor costs. You can add personality by choosing unique designs for your mantel shelf or trim around your hearth area like geometric patterns or abstract shapes.

Advantages of Updating a 1970s Stone Fireplace

The following are some advantages of updating a 1970s stone fireplace:

An Updated Look

The first advantage of updating your stone fireplace is that you get a new look for your home without having to replace anything else in the room. This means that if you want to keep everything else the same while updating only one piece of furniture, then this is one way that you can do it without having to spend too much money on renovations or repairs.

A More Modern Feel

Another advantage of updating a 1970s stone fireplace is that it gives your home a more modern feel without having to completely change everything in the room at once. Updating just one piece of furniture will add more color and style to your room without making it look too different from what it already was before you started working on it.

Cut Down on Utility Bills

Besides improving aesthetics, updating a 1970s stone fireplace helps cut down on utility bills since newer models are more energy efficient compared to older ones that use more fuel and gas to keep them running at all times.


So there you have it, from an aesthetic perspective, updating a stone fireplace can offer some substantial benefits and can be worth your while. From the more utility-based standpoint of what you add to your design, updating the stone will certainly lead to a more efficient modern fireplace that offers plenty of potential for home heating.

Learn How To Update a 1970s Stone Fireplace in 2022

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