Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea!

Happy Thursday everyone! Halloween is less than 2 weeks away so by now you’re probably wondering what you should wear to that dance, party or work event you just got invited to. This quick and easy gumball machine costume is sure to impress and costs pennies to make!

All you need is:
*A white shirt
*Red pants or skirt
*Felt/or cardstock paper
*Pom poms
*Glue gun

Simply cut out a coin slot, knob and a price for the gumballs. I just cut mine free hand and glued them to this black felt.

Next, start gluing your pom poms to your shirt!

When you’re finished playing with pom poms, simply attach the felt to the bottom of the shirt with a safety pin and that’s it! Seriously too easy and oh so cute.

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4 Replies to “Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea!”

  1. Jon A Carrier says: Reply

    Cool! A red beenie hat could work well as the top of the gumball machine. O.o

    1. Absolutely! good idea :)

  2. Good idea. Jolie you could be a model… you are so photogenic!

    1. Thanks Jocelyne, you’re too sweet :)

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