4 Best Tips To Keep Lizards Away From Your Porch

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Keep Lizards Away From Your Porch

Lizards aren’t exactly dangerous creatures, but that doesn’t mean that everyone likes having them around. In fact, some people are scared of lizards or simply find them annoying. But what do you do if they’re hanging out where they’re not wanted, such as on your porch when you’re trying to relax?

That’s what we’re going to find out today, by discussing the top piece of information you need to know in order to keep lizards away from your porch forever! Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Secret To Keeping Lizards Away

The secret to keeping lizards off your porch actually has to do with keeping another pest away, AKA insects! Because bugs are lizard’s primary food source, if there are plenty of bugs at a place then the lizards will follow.

But of course, there are lots of other things you can do to keep the lizards at bay as well, the following list will summarize your best options…

  • Find a way to repel bugs hanging around your porch area.
  • Get rid of any water sources that the lizards might be attracted to.
  • Keep your porch clean.
  • Put substances that repel lizards around your porch.

Get Rid Of The Bugs First

The first step you need to make is definitely to eliminate all the bugs you can from the area around your porch. Lizards won’t stay where there isn’t enough food, so if you get rid of the bugs then you get rid of the lizards.

There are lots of deterrent for insects, natural remedies and products made for that purpose. You just need to find out which option appeals the most to you.

  • You could try buying a bug zapper of some kind. One of these inventions would actually lure the bugs in, but then kill them. That would keep the numbers down, but you’d have to be sure to clean it out regularly or the lizards will be dropping by to try and eat the dead bugs.
  • You could plant bug-repelling greenery around your porch, or diffuse some essential oils from those plants if you don’t want to bother with the upkeep.
  • And of course, cleaning your porch from time to time with some vinegar can do wonders for repelling insects!

Remove Potential Water Sources

Not only do potential water sources bring lizards closer to your porch, but they also bring the insects closer as well. Which, as we just covered, will cause the lizards to follow. So find and getting rid of any water sources for lizards and bugs alike, is important.

Lizards originate from desert areas, so they honestly don’t need much water to survive. So keep in mind that this means the water sources that are enticing them could be big or small.

Smaller examples would be a pet’s water bowl or water siting at the base of a potted plant, while larger examples could be anything from a bird bath to a pond.

If your water source is something smaller then it’s a lot easier to remove, but if it’s something larger then it could take more effort. Like with the pond example, it wouldn’t be easy to remove so you could get creative and add certain types of fish to the pond that eat bugs (like koi). That wouldn’t directly solve the lizard issue, but it could help.

Clean Off Your Porch

A dirty environment doesn’t necessarily make for a lizard breeding ground, but all of the potential food will have the insects rushing in. So make sure to sweep off your porch regularly.

And pay special attention to certain areas, like around light fixtures since bugs tend to die around there. Other places you should make sure to sweep would be…

  • Door frames
  • Window sills
  • Little nooks and crannies where lizards hide to hunt their prey.

Keep Lizards Away From Your Porch

Make Use of Lizard Repellents

Now let’s take a look at some things you can place around your home to actually target lizards, and not just their food source.

  • Spray some lemongrass essential oil around your problem area.
  • Garlic is another repellent, so if you’re willing to put up with the smell then you could easily plant some around your porch.
  • Lizards also detest the smell of onion and because of this, it can be quite effective to hang some onions around where you notice lizards spending their time.
  • One of the most interesting options is to make use of peacock feathers! Peacocks hunt lizards, so lizards are hardwired to avoid areas where they think peacocks might be. Strategically place a few feathers around your porch, and you probably won’t see many more lizards.
  • Coffee grounds spread in a few areas where you tend to notice lizards could also do the trick.

And keep in mind that once you deter the lizards, they probably won’t come back around. Especially if you focus on cutting down on the bugs present on your porch. So this means you won’t need to keep onions hanging around forever. Just until you notice the lizards aren’t coming around much anymore.


Hopefully this article has taught you everything you need to know about why lizards might be hanging around your porch, because the first step for dealing with them is to understand why they’re there in the first place.

Plus, the tips on how to get rid of your lizard problems have been tried and true. And it’s always a bonus when you get rid of more insects as well. So honestly it’s a win-win if you’re not a big fan of getting swarmed by bugs when you’re out on your porch.

Keep Lizards Away From Your Porch

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