Can Deer Jump a 6-Foot Fence? Keep them off your Property

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Can Deer Jump a 6-Foot Fence

Deer are abundant in many regions of the country, posing a serious concern for homeowners seeking to maintain their property safe and secure. They are also destructive and can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Therefore, you should ensure that you keep them off your property by installing the right fence height. But how high can a deer jump? Knowing how high a deer can jump is the first step in ensuring that you have the right height of fence to keep them out.

Here is a short guide.

Can Deer Jump a 6-Foot Fence?

The short answer is yes. They can jump a 6-foot fence and much higher fences if they choose to do so. Deer are not like horses or cows that are large enough to walk through a too-small fence. A deer will climb over or dig under a fence if they want to get out of its enclosure.

Deer can jump 6 feet high, but only when they have enough motivation to do so. If you create an 8-foot-high fence, the deer are unlikely to jump.

What is the Tallest Fence a Deer can Jump?

The answer is determined by the type of fence, the deer’s strength, and the motive to jump the fence. Deer have long legs, which allow them to jump higher than other animals. They also have an impressive stride, which helps them cover large distances quickly. In addition, deer are very flexible and agile, allowing them to climb over or under most fences easily.

In most cases, a six-foot high fence will be enough to keep deer out of your yard — but not all of them. You need a solid construction with no holes or weak spots for deer to squeeze through. You also need sturdy materials like wood or steel that won’t break easily under pressure from a determined animal like a deer.

Can Deer Jump a 6-Foot Fence

What is the Best Fence to keep Deer Away?

Deer are graceful animals with a knack for finding their way into your yard. Deer fences are a great way to keep them out of your property and away from your garden. A deer fence is an effective barrier that you can install around your garden, or even an entire yard, to keep deer away.

The best deer fence for you will depend on what kind of area you want to protect and how much money you want to spend on it. If you want something temporary, then vinyl mesh netting may be all you need. If you’re looking for something more permanent, aluminum or steel might be your answer. The best fences for keeping out deer include:

Wire Fences

A wire fence is the most popular type, and it can be woven together to form a tight mesh. Wire fences come in a variety of sizes, so you may find one that is just right for your property. They are also simple to install and quite inexpensive compared to other fencing types.

Wood Fences

Wood fences are an attractive option for keeping deer out of your yard. However, they can be costly and time-consuming to construct.

This style of fence may not be perfect for keeping deer out if you live in a snowy environment because it will be damaged over time by falling branches or snow drifts.

Metal Fences

Metal fences are another popular choice for keeping deer away from your property because they’re durable and relatively easy to maintain compared with other types of fencing material. They come in many different styles and colors, too — including white metal fences that look similar to wood but won’t chip or crack like natural wood does when hit by a fast-moving animal such as a deer.

Electric Fence

An electric fence uses current through an electric wire to discourage animals from crossing it. These fences are inexpensive but require maintenance to ensure they’re working correctly. They’re also not suitable for areas with high traffic areas as they won’t last long before needing replacement or repair.

How To Scare Deer Away from your property?

Deer are a nuisance to many homeowners and gardeners. They can cause severe damage to plants, trees, and shrubs and mess up your lawn. Deer also pose a risk to drivers on the road because they sometimes dart across busy streets.

Deer repellents can help you keep these animals at bay. These products are designed to deter deer from entering your yard using various methods, such as sound, smell, or taste. Many repellents use bright lights and noise to scare deer away from your yard—some work by emitting a scent that frightens deer away from the area. You can also use motion-activated sprinklers or devices that emit sounds when a small animal enters your yard.


Keeping deer out of your property should be your number one priority especially when living in the countryside. The best way is discussing your concerns with an experienced and reputable deer fence company is usually best. They will most likely know the doe and where she will navigate to your property. If you’ve had trouble with other animals going over a fence in the past, deer are likely to do so as well.


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