What Are Cyclone Fences and Why Do You Need One?

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What Are Cyclone Fences

A cyclone fence is a type of fence which usually acts as a barrier to prevent wind from entering a particular area. They are used primarily in industrialized areas and typically measure 5 to 6 feet high. They can also be used in homesteads built in areas that experience strong winds and storms due to their durability and strengths. This article discusses the purpose, the types, and how you can maintain the best cyclone fence for your property.

Why You Need a Cyclone Fence

Cyclone fences are steel welded together to form a continuous barrier. They come in different colors and styles, meaning they can fit into any setting, including residential and commercial properties. Here are reasons why you need a cyclone fence:

It can protect you from hurricanes and storms

The fencing can withstand strong winds and storms, so it will not be damaged easily by stormy weather. This makes cyclone fencing a good choice for your home if you live in a place with bad weather.

It is easy to install

Cyclone fencing is very easy to install because it has all the necessary hardware on your property. You can install it yourself if you want or hire someone else to do it for you at an affordable price, depending on how big your property is and how many panels need to be installed on each side of your house or building.

Better Property Value

Installing a cyclone fence around your home is an easy way to increase its value on the real estate market. This will allow you to sell it at a higher price when it comes time for you to sell, or it can help you qualify for more loans when buying another house.

What Are Cyclone Fences

To Prevent Trespassers

If you have a pool or a hot tub, you must keep strangers out of your yard. A cyclone fence will help deter unwanted guests from entering your property and potentially getting hurt.

To Keep Pets Safe

Cyclone fences are also great for keeping animals safe from traffic and other dangers they might encounter on the streets or sidewalks outside your house. This is especially important if you have small children or elderly relatives who need extra protection when walking outside their homes.

For Security Purposes

Cyclone fencing acts as an effective deterrent against theft or vandalism by keeping unwanted people away from your home or business premises. If someone tries breaking into your home through the windows or doors, they will be stopped by the cyclone fencing before causing any damage inside the house. This fence is also ideal for protecting sensitive information stored in offices, factories, and warehouses because it cannot be cut easily like other fences.

What Are the Different Types of Cyclone Fences?

Cyclone fences are designed to provide maximum security and protection. These fences come in different designs and materials and can be installed as a standalone product or in conjunction with other forms of fencing.

The most common types of cyclone fence include:

  • Chain Link: This is the most common type of cyclone fence, made from woven steel strands. It’s available in various sizes, colors, and styles. Chain link is inexpensive compared to other materials but has a longer lifespan than some alternatives. A chain link fence can withstand high winds and heavy snow without bending or breaking.
  • PVC – PVC fences are made from corrugated plastic panels stapled together to form a solid barrier. They’re typically used for temporary applications because they’re lightweight, making them easy to install and flimsy, which makes them prone to damage. They’re ideal for areas where you want something temporary, like construction sites or backyards that need privacy while they’re being built out.

What Are Cyclone Fences

Should You Care About Your Fence?

The first step in maintaining your cyclone fence is to clean it. The best cleaning method depends on the type of cyclone fence you have. If you have a metal fence, use a hose with a spray nozzle to remove dirt and debris from the metal panels. You can also scrub with a wire brush or steel wool. For stubborn stains or buildup on metal fences, you may need a pressure washer.

You can clean the panels of your vinyl or PVC cyclone fencing with warm water and soap if necessary.

If necessary, you can also use an acrylic-based cleaner. Make sure to rinse well after washing so that no residue remains behind on the surface of your cyclone fence panel.

After cleaning your cyclone fence panels, it’s time to check for damage or wear spots that need repair work done before they become major issues down the road.

Look carefully along the edges and corners of each panel to find any signs of fraying or cracking. If there are any repairs needed, fix them right away before they cause more severe problems later on down.


Cyclone fences are one of the best investments you can ever make. They allow you to create a safe space for your family, where you won’t need to worry about the dangers outside. And they can do a lot more than that. With cyclone fences in place, you have a reliable way to keep your family safe when severe weather hits.

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