Easy Ways To Remove Hair Dye From Countertop

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Easy Ways To Remove Hair Dye From Countertop

Nowadays, many people are skipping an occasional trip to the salon and choosing to DIY dye their hair from home. There are a lot of perks to this, and if you know what you’re doing then you could come out with an amazing dye job.

But the problem is the mess you can make in the meantime. If you’re dying your hair at home then chances are, you’re doing it in your bathroom, in front of your mirror, and over your countertops. Which can leave your countertops with splashes of color that you’d rather them not have.

So what happens if you do get some hair dye on your countertop, how can you keep it from staining permanently? Well, we’re going to cover the answer to that question right now.

How To Keep Hair Dye From Staining Your Countertops

Let’s discuss some of the ways you can remove hair dye stains from your countertop, starting with a summary and then diving further into each method.

  • If you use prevention methods or clean up the spill right away if it does happen, then it may not even start to stain in the first place.
  • But if you don’t get to the spill in time, then you may have to use a different cleaner. Things ranging from vinegar to nail polish remover could save your counters.

How Can You Protect Your Counters From Hair Dye Spills?

It might a lot of hassle to set up, but making sure that your countertops are protected from potential spills could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Before you start dying your hair, try to lay out some towels, old clothes, or even saran wrap on top of your counters so that the hair dye has a pad it needs to get through before it can reach the surface.

The only downside to this is that you might not be able to tell if the hair dye has seeped through the protective layer and onto your counters. So you may need to lift up the covering and check, because the longer the spill sits, the worse it is.

How To Clean Up A Hair Dye Spill

If you notice the spill right away, then try to wipe it up as soon as possible. If you have a friend or family member nearby, then maybe they can monitor the counters and take care of spills while you’re focusing on your hair.

Clean the spot with soap and water after the majority of the dye has been wiped away, and hopefully there won’t be a stain left. If there is… then you’ll need to try something else.

Easy Ways To Remove Hair Dye From Countertop

How To Remove A Hair Dye Stain From Your Countertop

Now we’re going to share a list of at-home remedies for hair dye stains on your counter. If one of these methods doesn’t work, then another probably will. But choose the one that seems the easiest and most efficient for your situation, and go from there!

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide: Pour some hydrogen peroxide onto a cotton ball, and use circular motions to rub it against the stain. It might take a few minutes for the stain to start fading, but if you keep going then you should see the stain disappear.
  2. Rubbing Alcohol: Use some rubbing alcohol and a cloth to scrub the stained area, and the stain should lift.
  3. Baking Soda: Mix about three tablespoons of baking soda with a bit of water, stir until it forms a paste. Apply the paste to the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. After some time has passed, the stain should disappear and you can wash the baking soda off.
  4. White Vinegar: Use a soft cloth to rub some white vinegar into the stain, and it should remove it.
  5. Nail Polish Remover: If you have some nail polish remover that contains acetone then you can apply some to the stained area and scrub until the stain goes away.

Note: After you use any of these cleaners to remove the stain, rinse the area with clean water and dry.

How To Remove A Hair Dye Stain From Your Sink

If you’ve spilled hair dye onto your counters, then you’ve probably also spilled some in your sink. And you probably don’t want stains in your sink anymore than you want them on your counters.

So what you can do is simply use the same methods as you would for your counters, but if the stain doesn’t lift then your sink might be more porous than your countertops. At which point you’ll need to take some stronger measures.

Unlike with your countertops, which you wouldn’t want to stain, you could apply bleach to a stain in your sink. Or alternatively, you could use a magic eraser on the stained spot.


In conclusion, it can be scary to see a stain appear on your countertop, and something as permanent as hair dye sounds like it would be hard to remove from a surface. But if you use the proper precautions then you may be able to get through your entire DIY hair routine without this problem even occurring.

If you do happen to stain your countertops with hair dye then these tips and tricks should help you remove it. Remember that you can easily use one or more of these methods if one doesn’t work, just rinse with cold water before you switch cleaners. And after you’re done!

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