Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

I find I never really complete a project without giving myself a definitive deadline. So here it is, I’m finishing our bedroom! Since we moved in, I’ve slowly been acquiring furniture and knick-knacks for the room but continue to procrastinate on pulling it all together.

The camper will soon be finished (approximately 6 weeks) so I’m going to give myself until the end of July to finish the bedroom.

This is what it looked like when we bought the place:


I’ve managed to paint it Silver Drop by Behr and install some shelving by the closet… but that’s about it. I’m quite embarrassed about it actually.




I put all my attention into the rooms that everyone else would see that I completely neglected my own space. However, about two weeks ago, I found these beautiful throw pillows at HomeSense and was instantly inspired. I knew that the base colors for the bedroom would be gray and turquoise but I wasn’t sure about the third color until now – Chartreuse.

It’s such a fun pop of color and goes great with the other colors in the room.


So in celebration of my new found inspiration, I created a mood board for the room!

OB-TealGrayChartreuse Bedroom MakeoverThe pillows on the bed are not the same but you get the gist. Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, turquoise is currently my favorite color. If my husband let me, I’d probably have it in every room in the house but I’m trying to control myself :)

I’m taking a staycation next week and I have a lot of projects to finish, so I’ll just warn you now that I’ll be posting more than usual!

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