DIY Agate Knobs

A few weeks ago I bought this vintage number off of Kijiji and although it looks like laminate, it’s actually walnut and was made in Canada back in the 70’s. It’s also the perfect size for the end of our bed which was my reason for buying it.


With just a small closet and dresser in our room I am always in need of more storage in the bedroom, so I love the idea of a blanket box/storage ottoman and it also acts as a little bench when needed.

First, I sanded it using my new Mouse sander by Black and Decker (which was so quiet and easy to use) and then gave it a few coats of white paint.


I wanted to change out the knobs with something more unique and remembered that I had some agate slices saved from a decorative wind chime my husband bought me several years ago.

DSC_0283So, I picked up 6 gold knobs from the hardware store and then added some tile adhesive to the front of them to attach the stones.


There are a lot of different patterns and textures in the room now which is why I kept the ottoman as simple as possible with the white paint and simple stone knobs. The ombre rug underneath is also new from Wal-Mart for only $39.00!

CSC_0318I just love how it turned out :) If you hate clutter as much as I do and lack space, I highly recommend getting one!


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