Bedroom Makeover Part 2 – New Closet Doors!

I never thought that something as small as new closet doors could make me so happy! Almost every morning for the past two years I’ve fought with these sliding glass doors and they had finally overstayed their welcome. Not only did they never glide smoothly across the track, but the glass was broken, and every time we opened them we’d leave finger prints behind so I was constantly cleaning them… first world problems I know.



So, to make my mornings a little easier, I picked up two 24 inch paneled doors and had our carpenter install them. I was going to paint them a crazy color but then talked myself out of it after I remembered how often my tastes change. So I stuck with the classic white paint and gold accents, this would save me a lot of time in the future from repainting.





I did, however, bring the chartreuse color I wanted into the room by spray painting a mirror I had hanging in another part of the house (it used to be black). The mirror fits perfectly in that small space, and I needed something to look into while getting ready in the morning which was the only benefit of having the old mirrored doors.


Our cats are also really happy with the change :)



The inside of the closet is a whole other story. I’d like to wallpaper inside and add some new shelving, but I’m currently busy going through the mound of clothes that I threw into our guest bedroom.


This may take a while…

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  1. I love those paneled doors! I agree, white is the best option and simply bring in color via accessories that you can easily switch out.

  2. Oh and love the gold door pulls!

    1. Thanks! I’m loving them more and more each day now that I have something to actually grab onto!

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