Bedroom Lighting

I was contemplating whether or not to fix up our old bedroom lamps or just buy new ones, until I found the perfect set  at Walmart for only $30 a piece! Our bedside tables are tall and narrow so I needed something a little smaller than we had on there before.

bedroom lamp turquoise

Our old lamps were mismatched and one  of the sockets broke after my husband mistakenly knocked it over while trying to hit the snooze button. But don’t worry, I will eventually up cycle them for another spot in the house so they won’t go to waste.

broken lamp

I also picked up two chandeliers for both our bedroom and the guest bedroom upstairs. They were originally $109 each but were on sale for only $65 at Canadian Tire! The ceilings aren’t very high upstairs so I opted for a semi-flush mount chandelier to avoid hitting our heads on them in the future. (This was more so for my husband who is very prone to accidents… it’s like childproofing, but for husbands….). These will hopefully be installed sometime this week.

bedroom chandelier

Everything is almost done and I’m so excited about how it’s turning out!

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