Is Acacia Wood Good For Outdoor Furniture?

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Is Acacia Wood Good For Outdoor Furniture

Acacia wood is a very durable and beautiful type of wood. It is made of the long, thick stems of trees that grow in Australia. Acacia trees grow at high altitudes because they need sunlight to survive. Acacia wood is not only beautiful but it also has many benefits as well.

Acacia wood is an affordable hardwood that has a smooth finish. It’s easy to work with and looks great when finished. It is one of the most popular woods for outdoor furniture because it doesn’t rot like other types of wood. In this article, we will discuss why acacia wood is used for outdoor furniture and its properties and qualities.

Benefits of Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is a durable, sustainable option that’s easy to work with. It also has many benefits, and its price tag can help you make your outdoor furniture look like a bargain.


Because acacia is an inexpensive wood, it offers an affordable alternative to more expensive woods like teak or cedar. You can use acacia for exterior furniture or even indoors if you have limited space. This makes them perfect for those who want their outdoor furniture to be affordable but still have high-quality materials on hand when they need them most!


Acacia wood is durable, strong, and resistant to termites. The wood is resistant to rot, fungal decay, and pests. It can be left out all year round without the risk of damage from the elements or wildlife, like mice that might chew through a piece of furniture made of other types of materials.

Withstands High Temperature

Acacia wood withstands high temperatures better than other woods, such as teak or pine. But, you should still take care when using them outdoors because they will burn quickly if exposed directly o the sun’s rays. If there is no protection, always keep an eye on how hot it gets during the summer months, especially if you live close enough where there’s no shade available nearby!


Acacia trees are grown in plantations certified by FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, meaning that the trees were harvested sustainably. But not all Acacia is harvested sustainably, threatening both the environment and the communities that rely on Acacia as a source of income. Fortunately, Acacia trees grown in FSC-certified plantations ensure both responsible harvesting and sustainability. 

These plantations take care to preserve the local ecosystem while also providing livelihoods for the surrounding community. So when purchasing Acacia wood products, look for the FSC label to ensure that they were sustainably sourced and ethically produced. By supporting these efforts, we can not only protect our environment but also support fair trade practices. And thanks to Acacia’s unmatched strength and elegance, these sustainable products will continue to enhance our spaces for years to come.

Easy To Work With

It can be shaped, carved, and stained to your specifications. It can also be sanded or polished if you desire a more finished look. Acacia is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture because it has the strength that you need for long-lasting projects but also has the natural beauty of an unfinished piece of wood.

Will Darken With Age

Acacia wood may start off with a light, almost blonde color, but it’s important to remember that it will darken over time. This natural aging process is typical for Acacia and enhances the wood’s beauty and character. Many homeowners appreciate the rich, warm hue that Acacia develops with age. It’s also worth noting that Acacia is a durable wood that won’t rot or warp like other types of wood can, making it a long-lasting choice for furniture and accents in the home. So if you’re looking for a wood that offers both aesthetic appeal and longevity, Acacia just might be the perfect choice for you.

Is Acacia Wood Good For Outdoor Furniture

Cons of Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture

Irregular Grain Structures

Acacia wood is not as uniform in grain structure as other types of wood. This means that it’s harder to work with and more susceptible to warping and cracking, making it less suitable for large pieces of furniture.

Prone to Sun-damage

Acacia wood is a popular choice for outdoor furniture and decks due to its beautiful grain and durability. However, Acacia wood is not immune to sun damage. Its natural oils can diminish over time when exposed to constant UV rays, leading to cracking and splintering. It’s important to protect Acacia furniture by placing it under an umbrella or covering it when not in use. Another option is to regularly apply a UV protectant oil or varnish to the surface of the wood. By taking these precautions, Acacia wood can withstand the elements and maintain its appearance for years to come.


Acacia Wood Maintenance

Acacia wood is hardwood, which means it’s durable and water-resistant. Acacia also has a smooth finish that makes it easy to maintain. The only issue with acacia is that it tends to be darker than other woods like teak or white oak. 


You can clean the Acacia Wood with a soft cloth and water, but it can also be polished to remove scratches. You may want to take special care when cleaning your tables to keep them looking like new for many years. A mild detergent will work fine on most surfaces. However, if you have very delicate table tops or other items that need extra attention, it’s best not to use soap products at all!

Avoid High Heat

 It is important to keep Acacia wood away from high heat sources in order to preserve its appearance and structural integrity. Exposure to heat can discolor the wood and potentially cause warping or cracking. It also increases the risk of potential fire hazards. So be sure to place Acacia wood tables and chairs at least a few inches away from a fireplace or grill, and avoid placing hot dishes directly on Acacia wood surfaces. With proper care, Acacia wood can last for years to come.


You can use oil as a preservative to protect the wood from the elements. Mineral oil is effective for this purpose, but it’s not ideal for outdoor furniture because it tends to stain. If you’re going to apply mineral oil directly on your deck or porch furniture, use a cloth so that you don’t get any drips onto the surface.

Is Acacia Wood Waterproof?

Acacia Wood is a hardwood that is very durable but not waterproof. The wood will be resistant to water but not resistant enough to prevent it from soaking through the wood in high-moisture areas like the legs of your furniture. Acacia Wood will not rot or splinter, which makes it ideal for outdoor use where you’ll be standing around while eating or drinking at parties.

What Are Its Properties and Qualities?

The first thing that you need to know about acacia wood is that it has some unique properties and qualities. It is one of the most common woods in the world, and it can be used for many things, such as furniture, flooring, cabinets, etc.

It is known for its lightness and softness. It will not only make your furniture look beautiful but also help you keep it in good condition for a long time without any problem. It also protects your furniture from termites, insects, and other pests that may damage your furniture over time.


Acacia wood is a good option for outdoor furniture, but make sure you know its limitations. It can be expensive, and it is susceptible to sun damage and water damage. If you want an outdoor furniture set that will last for years, I would consider one made from cedar or teak instead.

Is Acacia Wood Good For Outdoor Furniture

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