Bedroom DIY AC Unit Cover: Simple 7 Step Guide + Inspo

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Bedroom DIY AC Unit Cover: Simple 7 Step Guide + Inspo

Are you displeased with the appearance of your interior ac unit? If so, why not build your own custom AC unit cover? You just need a few materials, power tools, and the willingness to put in some effort to construct a stylish and practical cover.

This indoor air conditioner makeover guide will provide you with the data required to begin your project of constructing a DIY AC unit cover. The instructions and tips in this indoor ac unit makeover guide are easy to follow and with them, you’ll be able to make a cover that will make your AC unit look great and function even better. So collect your toolbox and let us start!

Necessary Supplies

To construct this project, only a handful of materials are required – 2x4s, 2x6s, plywood, screws, nails, a power drill, a jigsaw, a saw, and a hammer. A level, pencil, and measuring tape will be useful as well. Additionally, to prevent any harm, it is recommended to wear protective eyewear, gloves, and earmuffs while putting together the ac unit cover.

Bedroom DIY AC Unit Cover: Simple 7 Step Guide + Inspo

01- Constructing the Structure of your AC Cover

The initial phase of constructing your ac unit cover is to make the frame. Begin by calculating and indicating where the frame for the air conditioner unit cover will be located. Make sure to utilize a level and sign the spot on the ground where the frame will be set to confirm that it is level.

Following this, utilize the markings you made on the ground to sign the frame pieces. Cut the frame pieces utilizing a power saw. When all the pieces are cut, you can assemble the frame. Start by putting two of the 2x6s in parallel.

Put another 2×6 perpendicular to these two boards and on top of them. Include the final 2×6 parallel to the other two 2x6s and you’ll have your frame. Now you can place the frame on the ground where you previously marked it and screw the frame together.

Bedroom DIY AC Unit Cover: Simple 7 Step Guide + Inspo

02- Putting down the sheet of wood made up of several layers glued together.

After constructing the frame, you should put a covering of plywood on it. Begin by reducing the plywood to the right size – making it bigger than the frame. Then, hammer nails carefully to secure the plywood. Use nails and not screws as these are simpler to extract when you have to remove the plywood.

Subsequent step is to use wood glue to attach the plywood to the frame. Use a paintbrush to spread the glue on the frame. Be sure to apply the glue only to the top and sides of the frame. If you cover the whole frame, the glue may seep through the plywood.

Bedroom DIY AC Unit Cover: Simple 7 Step Guide + Inspo

03- Applying the Final Details for the perfect looking AC Unit Cover

After that, you have to make your ac unit cover look perfect. Start by applying paint on it; you can choose any color you’d like, but usually people go for darker shades as they help the cover blend in the environment.

Then, you need to mount some soundproof foam on the cover. This will reduce noise. To attach it, cut it to the size of the cover and use glue. You can also place a decorative cloth, for example, a blackout curtain, on the cover to improve its aesthetical value.

Bedroom DIY AC Unit Cover: Simple 7 Step Guide + Inspo

04- Constructing the Sliding Component

The following action is to construct the moving board for your cover. Begin by cutting a bit of plywood to the proper size. Then, affix the track for the sliding panel. Cut a piece of plywood accordingly so that it fits the track.

Bedroom DIY AC Unit Cover: Simple 7 Step Guide + Inspo  Bedroom DIY AC Unit Cover: Simple 7 Step Guide + Inspo

You can put some ornamental wood to the track to make it look more attractive. Subsequently, begin manufacturing the board that will move in and out of the track. Cut a piece of plywood to the correct size and then cut some pieces of wood to size and attach them to the plywood so that the pieces form a border.

05- Putting on the Air Conditioner Case

After constructing the cover, it is now time to put it in place. Measure and indicate where the cover is going to be situated, making sure to use a level for this task.

Then, dig a hole on the specified spot, ensuring it is deep enough so that the cover is positioned beneath the surface. After that, put the cover in the hole and fill it with earth, compacting the soil so that it is steady. Lastly, install the sliding track by securing it to the cover with screws.

06- Suggestions and Strategies

When you first begin your project of constructing a cover for your air conditioning unit, you should draw a sketch to make sure that the pieces all fit together the way you want them to. You can also consult with friends and family for their input.

It is advisable to construct the cover when the weather is warm so that the wood has time to dry and for it to be simpler to hammer nails and complete the rest of the project. Additionally, this is a great DIY gift idea.

The recipient of your gift will be grateful for your efforts and creativity. Finally, don’t forget to clean the cover regularly to avoid dirt building up on it and make it easier to manage.

Bedroom DIY AC Unit Cover: Simple 7 Step Guide + Inspo

07- Final words

Installing a protective covering on your air conditioner will help maintain its cleanliness and dryness, as well as make it much less conspicuous. It is essential to opt for a design that coordinates with your home’s design and structure. You can construct a basic cover for the AC utilizing some wood, plywood, and rope.

Bedroom DIY AC Unit Cover: Simple 7 Step Guide + Inspo

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