DIY Headboard for Under $80

DIY Belgrave Headboard for under $80

One of my biggest pet peeves of having attic style bedrooms are these knee walls that give access to the roof.

DIY Headboard before - knee wall

It just looked weird to place a bed in front of them, so I decided to hide it by building a higher headboard. That way we can still access the door but it doesn’t aggravate me on a daily basis.

Here’s what you’ll need to purchase:

Plywood $14
Foam $38
Fabric $20

Items I already had:

Jigsaw (depending on which headboard design you choose)

The foam is the most expensive item to purchase, however, I recently read that it’s much cheaper to buy a mattress topper than a roll of  foam from a fabric store, so I paid $38 for this twin topper from Walmart which was the perfect size for a double headboard.

DIY Headboard - mattress topper

I measured for the size of plywood I would need and then had the staff at Home Depot cut it for me. I love that option :)

DIY Headboard - plywood

I decided to go with the Belgrave design for the headboard, it’s just a simple cutout on each side to give it a little bit of style. Here are a few other styles you could go for:


Use a bowl and a sharpie to draw your design.

DIY Headboard - belgrave design

Next, use a jigsaw to cut out your piece and use it as a template for the other side.

DIY Headboard - Belgrave design

DIY Headboard - Belgrave design

The existing headboard in the bedroom was attached to the frame of the bed so I attached the plywood to the existing headboard instead of trying to recreate the legs. You could also attach it to the wall or attach two pieces of wood to the plywood to act as legs.

DIY Headboard before

I measured to make sure I had the right height to hide the knee wall door and then screwed the plywood to the existing headboard.

DIY Headboard

Place the headboard on your foam leaving at least 2 inches all the way around.

DIY Headboard

Fold the foam over the plywood and start stapling about every inch or so.

DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard

For the fabric, you may want to have someone hold up the headboard instead of doing it on the ground, this will allow you to check the front of the headboard periodically to ensure no wrinkles are forming as you go. To hide your stapling job, you could attach a dust cover but since no one’s going to see it I left mine like this.

DIY Headboard

And voila! No more door!

DIY Headboard -

This is just a preview of the new bedding, I’ll have the final pictures of the room up next weekend!

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