Why You Should Cover Patio Furniture In The Summer

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Why You Should Cover Patio Furniture In The Summer

Many people extend their living spaces into the great outdoors, with patios and by extension… patio furniture. The thing is, patio furniture is quite an investment. Much like indoor furniture. The big difference is, that indoor furniture isn’t exposed to the elements and patio furniture is.

So you have to put a lot more thought into how to protect patio furniture. And although most people know to cover their patio furniture in the winter, many people don’t know when else to protect it. Especially in the summer, when you’re going to be using your patio furniture a lot.

After all, if you’re going to use it then why cover it up? Well, today we’re going to be looking at all the occasions in which you need to protect your outdoor furniture, even during the summer. Let’s get started!

How To Protect Your Patio Furniture In Summer

If you’re truly dedicated to keeping your patio furniture fresh and looking nice, then you’ll still take the proper precautions even during the warmer months. But don’t worry, you don’t have to keep it covered all the time. There are just certain situations that you need to be mindful of.

In order to keep your patio furniture safe you need to…

  • Know what damages outdoor furniture. Things like rain and humidity can be the end of a nice set.
  • Know how to protect your outdoor furniture. Choosing the right materials for your furniture coverings, knowing how to cover the pieces securely, etc.
  • And go the extra mile, by cleaning off your patio furniture occasionally. Especially before you cover it up for extended amounts of time.

Know When To Cover Your Outdoor Furniture Up during summer

For instance, we know that most of the reasons why you should be careful with outdoor furniture in the winter have to do with wet weather. And the same concept applies to the summer. This means that the following situations are when you should seriously consider covering up your patio furnishings…

  • When you know that a storm is coming you should cover up your patio furniture for the duration of it, up until everything dries.
  • If you know that a long period of wet weather is coming. For example, when the weather forecast says the entire next week is rainy. Then you should leave your patio furniture covered until the bad weather is over. It will just save you the work of uncovering and recovering the furniture constantly this way.
  • Or if the weather is overly humid, then you should also cover your patio furniture. Because at the end of the day, humidity is still moisture.

But maybe you’re thinking that this is overkill because patio furniture is designed to be outdoors. In that case, this next section is for you…

Why You Should Cover Patio Furniture In The Summer

Is It Okay For Patio Furniture To Get Wet?

The truth is, even if your patio furniture is made out of treated wood, it’s still susceptible to water damage. You have to remember that water and wood never mix well. Eventually if your wooden furniture is exposed to enough moisture, it will start to degrade.

And even if you have metal patio furniture, it’s likely that you have cushions for the pieces. And even cushions that are made to be outdoors will eventually form mold and bacteria if they get wet too often. Plus, you should remember that metal can form rust.

So basically what we’re saying is that although it’s not the end of the world if your patio furniture is left uncovered during the rain, it will eventually cause damage if it keeps happening. And that’s why it’s always best to cover your outdoor furnishings if you can.

Another added benefit of covering your patio furniture is that if you need to use it for something right way, it’s ready. As an example, you don’t have to wait for the sun to dry your cushions before sit down. You can simply uncover the furniture and enjoy the post-storm world if you want, because many people enjoy sitting outside directly after a rain.

What’s The Best Way To Cover Up Patio Furniture?

Of course, you want to make sure you do a good job when it comes time to protect those outdoor pieces. So here are a few tips for covering up your patio furniture the right way…

  1. Make sure that the furniture and cushions are dry. The last thing you want to do is trap moisture on your furnishings, because that can create a humid and damaging environment.
  2. And be sure that you have the proper types of coverings. You want the material you’re using to cover your outdoor furniture snugly, so that it won’t blow away in the wind or still let water slip through the cracks. You also want a strong, waterproof material such as vinyl.
  3. Another thing you can do if you feel passionately about keeping your patio furniture in good shape is to clean it before you cover it. It’s recommended that you brush off or vacuum your patio furniture once every few days, but you should definitely do it before you cover the pieces up.

How To Protect Outdoor Cushions If You Don’t Have Covering

Perhaps you don’t have any furniture coverings at the moment. Or maybe you’re not overly bothered about the framework of your patio furniture for some reason. If either of these things is the case, you may only want to protect your outdoor cushioning.

And luckily, protecting your outdoor cushions is pretty simple if you have a little extra space inside your home. All you have to do is bring your cushions indoors whenever you think there may be rain.

Or if you have a good place to store them, you might even choose to keep your cushions indoors until you actually want to use your furniture. Just make sure you don’t bring in any bugs that might be hiding out on the cushions!


If you’re proud of your patio furniture and hoping to keep it looking nice for a long time to come, then hopefully this information on how to keep it dry and protected was helpful to you. Remember that a little bit of work goes a long way. And protecting your investment is worth a little extra work.

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