DIY Faux Marble Decor

diy marble decor


You may or may not have noticed that marble is very “in” at the moment and I’m loving it! I noticed it gaining popularity a few years ago when white kitchens became all the rage showing up as countertops and backsplashes, but now it’s in everything from jewelry to flower pots. Just check out some of the stunning ways marble is being used:

This white kitchen from

marble kitchen

This gorgeous DIY marble table from sarahmdorserydesigns


And if you haven’t seen it already, get ready for an influx of copper and marble home decor items in 2016. Picture from

copper mar

Although beautiful, marble isn’t cheap. As an alternative, I like to use adhesive paper which is in abundance at Dollarama. So for less than a dollar, you can rock this trend all year!

I bought some black and white marble paper along with this green color to cover an unused picture frame I had in storage and a wooden box that I picked up from the dollar store.


The lines on the back of the adhesive paper make it very easy to measure and cut. Once you have the size you need, you simply peel the backing off and apply it to your surface.


faux marble picture frame

diy faux marble picture frame

diy faux marble box

diy faux marble box

If you were around for the Sprite renovation, you’d remember that I used this carrara marble paper to cover both the countertops and dining table in the camper.

Sprite camper makeover faux marble countertop

I’ve even seen other bloggers use it in their kitchen as a temporary fix for ugly countertops!

Sprite camper makeover faux marble tabletop

There are a lot of trends I tend to avoid simply because I can’t see them lasting longer than a few years, but I’ll be very surprised if this one goes anywhere soon!

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