Wicker Chair Makeover

I found this cute bamboo chair second-hand for only $15, and since wicker is so big right now, I snatched it up for the master bedroom! It also ties in nicely with the other chinoiserie and eclectic items I’ve been collecting for the space.

I contemplated just recovering the cushion with a fun fabric but as you can see the bamboo was pretty much the same color as the floor so it was blending in too much for my liking. So I decided to spray paint it white and recover the cushion with this funky leopard print fabric!

Using the existing cushion as a template, I cut two circles out of the fabric and simply sewed them together leaving an opening for the filling then finished sewing it closed once I stuffed it.

The best part is, now I have a chair in the room that’s cat proof! Our last chair went through some unspeakable torture from our four cats and so far they’re just using this one as their personal throne…we’re not allowed to use it.

The room is coming together nicely, I just need to make a headboard for the bed then I’ll be able to show you the final pics!

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6 Replies to “Wicker Chair Makeover”

  1. Jill Catrinel says: Reply

    Saw this on insta and had to hop on over. The chair turned out beautifully! Really smart move painting it white so it will stand out from the floor, and loving the fabric you chose. Don’t you love when cats spare the other furniture by picking just one?

    1. Thanks so much Jill! I wish my cats would spare the other furniture haha they like to share the love!

  2. The chair turned out so cute!! Love your use of color. 😍

  3. Love that chair! You did an awesome job with the makeover!

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