Sprite Update – Repair and Painting

My husband and I have been spending nearly every second of our spare time in the Sprite since it was delivered and we seem to be a bit more eager to work on it than I had originally thought we would be. I thought we would spend all winter working away at it but if we keep going at it like we are now I think we’ll be done before winter even begins! Here are a few more pictures of the Sprite when we bought it:







When shopping around for the right camper, we paid a bit more for one that was well taken care of. However, with something that’s 46 years old, you can expect to repair a few things. We replaced some of the Masonite walls where there had been water damage in the past, and while we had the wall open we replaced the fiberglass insulation and sealed it back up.

masonite before



I wanted a clean slate to work with, and since its such a small space I knew we needed to lighten up the dark wood. So, I purchased some Zinsser Stain Blocker. I love Zinsser primer, it works better than any other brand I’ve tried and this one is especially designed to resist mold and keep stains from seeping through the finish.




We’re currently working on updating the cupboards with mouldings and new handles, and I also made some new curtains from some discount fabric we found. Here’s a sneak peak!




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2 Replies to “Sprite Update – Repair and Painting”

  1. Hi! I fell in love with your Sprite when I picked up a copy of Canadian Living last summer! My husbanding I are decent DIYers and I am am committed to taking on a project like this.
    I have a couple questions:
    Can a person 5’9″ stand up in it?
    What is the weight of the camper?
    Can you tow it with a car or is a truck needed?
    Does it sleep three people?
    We live in the sunny Okanagan and are excited about having a tiny , gorgeous camper like yours for weekend getaways. We are also AirBNB hosts and could quite likely get rental revenue from our new tiny house!
    Thanks so much,
    Debbie Parker, Kelowna, BC

    1. Hi Debbie! Thanks so much for commenting. Yes, a person 5’9 can comfortably stand up in our camper and it sleeps 3 people maximum – 2 on the dinette side and 1 on the opposite end. Our Sprite weighs about 1200lbs so you may be able to tow it with a car you’ll just need to know your cars towing capacity. I would love to see pictures of your camper when you’re finished! Personally, it was a very fun project for me and my husband. Good luck!

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