Bedroom Nightstands and Curtain Tiebacks

A few months ago I bought some second hand nightstands for our bedroom off of Kijiji, but unfortunately my phone needed to be reset and I lost my before pictures! except for this one which was taken in the middle of painting…


Try picturing a dull, brown laminate nightstand with tarnished handles… I know it’s not the same as a picture, but all I did was prime them, paint them white, and spray paint the handles gold and ta da!


As soon as I saw those cute handles I knew I wanted them, and at $15 a piece you can’t beat the price!

I also found two of these decorative door knobs at HomeSense a while back and thought they would be perfect as curtain tiebacks!



I’m slowly working away on decorating our bedroom and thought I would share a few details while I’m at it. Tomorrow I’ll be attempting to install some shelving as well so wish me luck :)

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