Eclectic Dining Room Reveal

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! And what better way to end the year than with a room reveal! I finally finished the dining room and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s bright, colorful and eclectic, and now, my favorite room in the house!

Eclectic Dining Room Makeover

Eclectic Dining Room Makeover

Eclectic Dining Room Table Setting

Eclectic Dining Room Table Setting

Eclectic Dining Room Table Setting

Eclectic Dining Room Table Setting

Eclectic Dining Room Table Setting

Eclectic Dining Room Table Setting Sliding Vintage Door

Eclectic Dining Room Emerald Green Hutch

Eclectic Dining Room Emerald Green Hutch

Eclectic Dining Room Red Credenza Brass Parrots

Eclectic Dining Room Red Credenza

Eclectic Dining Room Makeover

Thank you so much for following along on my DIY adventures this past year. I have an endless list of projects in my head so there will be lots more to come in the New Year! In case you’re wondering where some of the items in the dining room were purchased from, here’s a listing:

Hutch – Second-hand, painted green
Red Credenza – Wicker Emporium
Sliding Door – Second-hand, hardware from
Dining Table and Lamps – WalMart
Black Chandelier – Kent Building Supplies
Brass Parrots and Urn – Second-hand
Blue White Centerpiece Jars/Planter – Second-hand
Dinnerware Set/Glasses/Dessert Bowls/Cutlery/Wood Chargers –
Curtains/Pineapple Napkin Rings/Foo Dogs/Picture Frames – Winners

Vintage Sliding Door in the Dining Room

My husband and I have been wanting a sliding door in the dining room for some time now. This door leads into our laundry room but because of the layout we had to close it once we were in the room in order to reach the washer and dryer, and with a basket of laundry in hand it got annoying after a while. But not anymore!

Before After Vintage Sliding Barn Door

A few months ago we found this large vintage door for only $20 from a second-hand store and it ended up being the perfect size to cover the opening into the laundry room.

Vintage Wood Door Before

I wanted it to pop against our newly-painted white walls so I went with the color Fish Pond by Behr in a high-gloss. A tip when choosing paint finishes – the higher the sheen, the more durable and easier to clean but it also shows every imperfection, so if you want to hide those imperfections, go with a flat or matte sheen. For this project I really wanted to emphasize every scratch and gouge in the door so high-gloss was the way to go.

Behr Fish Pond High-Gloss Paint

Once we had the door, I started looking around for hardware that wouldn’t cost a fortune. I managed to find this kit on for only $111.00 on sale from $239.00 and within 2 days it was on my doorstep!interior-sliding-barn-door-kit-hardware-set-02-0689The installation was actually fairly quick once I had all my measurements in place. The only obstacle we encountered was drilling new holes into the sliding rail so that we could line up the bolts with the studs in the wall. We’ve come to learn that our 56 year old house doesn’t play by the rules so a stud finder came in very handy.

Vintage Sliding Barn Door

Next, we removed the existing header from the door and replaced it with a six foot piece of wood for the rail system to be attached to.

Sliding Door Installation Header

Sliding Door Installation Header

And after just a few nights of painting and measuring, it was done!

Vintage Sliding Barn Door

Painted Vintage Sliding Barn Door

Vintage Sliding Barn Door Glass Knob Key Tassle

Vintage Sliding Barn Door After

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. I’ll be back sometime next week to show you the final pics of the dining room!

Eclectic Dining Room Makeover – Paint and Moodboard

We’re still slowly working away on Dylan’s bedroom but since he’s about a 1/2 hour drive away, I’m limited to working on it during the weekends. So throughout the week I’ve been turning my attention to our dining room. I have all of the big pieces that I need for the room including the hutch that I recently painted green, but there are a few little projects left before it’s finished. Here is a moodboard I created to give you an idea of what I’m going for. I recently developed an obsession for collecting blue and white pottery so I’m planning to display it throughout the room. I also picked up an antique door that I’m going to turn into a sliding door going into the laundry room.Eclectic Dining Room Makeover Moodboard

So because the dining room was painted olive green, I decided to repaint it white to let my colorful pieces of furniture stand out and it also really brightened up the space. Since there are hundreds of whites out there, I picked out a few paint chips from Behr’s collection and brought them home. I taped them to the wall I was going to paint and moved them around the room to see how they looked in different lighting. I decided to go with “Bit of Sugar” by Behr. It seemed to be the most neutral, some of the chips looked either too blue or too beige when I got them on the wall. The name is cute too!

White Paint Chips Behr

Behr paint - Bit of Sugar

I tested the color on the walls before I started painting and it took two coats to really cover the green underneath but I’m very happy with how it turned out!

Behr bit of sugar

Behr bit of sugar

I’ll be working on the sliding door next so I’ll keep you updated!

Boys Outdoor Adventure Room – Update

Alright guys, this is it… the last time I ever attempt to remove decades worth of wallpaper from any room! Yes, we saved a ton of money by opting to keep the existing walls, but I only have so much patience haha.

Seven layers of wallpaper and many hours later we finally had a smooth surface to work with. Ironically, the first thing we did was put up more wallpaper! But someone else gets to tear it down in 90 years instead of us :)

wallpaper removed 1920s house

Birch Wallpaper - Boys Outdoor Adventure Room

I am so in love with this pattern and think it’s adorable for a little boys room, or any room really. We only applied it to one wall and the rest of the room will be painted white.

Once that was finished, we started skim coating to prep the walls for paint. This is also extremely time consuming and dusty! We used this sheetrock compound that dries in 90 minutes which gave us plenty of time to get the walls nice and smooth.

skim coat sheetrock

This is after one layer of compound.

skim coating walls after wallpaper removal

We had to apply thick coats to the popcorn slanted wall but it worked great at covering the lovely vintage mess.

skim coating over popcorn ceiling

And this was the last corner to finish after two layers of compound! There was a big sigh of relief at this point.

second coat of skim coat

Once we lightly sand the walls, we’ll finally be able to paint. If you’re an avid DIYer like myself, I don’t want to scare you away from a project like this, it’s completely doable and will only cost you about the price of two bags of setting compound (roughly $50). When we were about to renovate Ava’s nursery we were quoted $600 to have the walls removed and drywall installed. So it comes down to whether or not you want to put in the time and labor yourself. But I’m personally all labored out! haha

China Hutch Makeover

I’ve been slowly revamping our dining room over the past few months and recently found this solid wood hutch on Kijiji which fit perfectly in the empty space beside our kitchen.

Before China Cabinet Hutch Makeover

It’ll act as storage for dinnerware, random party supplies and board games that I have scattered around the house, but the best part is…. it lights up!

Before China Cabinet Hutch Makeover

I picked up a can of Pine Scent by Behr and then found these cute hand-painted ceramic knobs to replace the existing wooden hardware.

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Behr Pine Scent

I won’t lie, this took forever to paint! Even though I was using a  good quality paint and primer it still took 4 coats before I was satisfied with the coverage. I also used a de-glosser before I started so that the paint would adhere better.

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Behr Pine Scent Paint

But it was totally worth it :) I absolutely love how it turned out and it definitely makes a statement when you turn the corner into the dining room.

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Hand-Painted Ceramic Knows Green White

China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Hand-Painted Ceramic Knows Green White

After - China Cabinet Hutch Makeover Green

My most recent obsession has been collecting blue and white china, so once I have a large enough collection I plan to display them in the hutch and throughout the dining room. I’ll have more pics of the room once I repaint the walls… green on green is not the final look!