How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

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How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

Outdoor furniture is one of the most important parts of your house.

It’s usually a place where you entertain and relax, making it an important investment in both aesthetics and function.

Unfortunately, wind can be a tricky thing to deal with when it comes to outdoor furniture.

While it may only seem minor at times, this type of wind can cause serious damage to outdoor furniture if not taken care of properly.

As we know, the wind is something that can cause a lot of problems.

It can damage your outdoor furniture, bring in debris and be a nuisance for everyone around you.

With that being said, there are some things you can do to keep outdoor furniture from blowing away.

Use Furniture Weights

If you need to make your patio furniture more secure, try using weights.

You can use sandbags, bags of cement, or other heavy items.

Just place them on the patio furniture and weigh them down with rocks or bricks.

If it’s not raining, you may want to put a tarp over the patio furniture to protect it from rainwater runoff.

They can be purchased online or at most hardware stores.

If you don’t want to buy weights yourself, try asking your neighbors for some or ask a friend with a yard who has extra weights.

How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

Screw the Furniture

Screw the furniture to the ground.

This is a great way to keep it from blowing away.

You can even screw it into the ground with big bolts that go through holes in the legs of the furniture.

Just make sure that you have enough space around each leg so that there is at least 2 inches of clearance for water and any other debris that may come off your patio furniture.

This is the most common way to keep outdoor furniture from being blown away.

The method works best when you have strong winds or high winds.

The ground anchors all the furniture to hold it in place.

Invest in Heavy Furniture

Furniture that’s made from heavier materials will hold up better against the elements.

Outdoor furniture should be made of sturdy materials that can stand up to the elements.

Sturdy wood and metal are excellent choices for patio furniture.

The heavier the better, as these will be able to withstand even the strongest winds.

If you have any specific questions about what kind of wood or metal you should use, check out our article on the types of materials available for outdoor furniture.

Heavy-duty outdoor furniture is made from materials that are more resistant to weather conditions than lighter pieces.

For example, an outdoor table with a wrought iron frame will be heavier than one made of wood or plastic.

How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

Use Earthquake Gel

Earthquake gel is a substance that can be used to protect and insulate outdoor furniture from the effects of wind.

This product is available in different strengths and is easy to apply.

It can be applied in several ways depending on the desired results.

The reason why it is so effective is that it dampens the vibrations and shakes that would otherwise be caused by strong winds.

To use it, apply the gel at the bottom of each leg of your patio furniture and then press the furniture down to stick.

Plant a Windbreak

Planting a windbreak around your outdoor seating area can help protect your furniture and keep it safe from the elements.

A windbreak is a plant that grows taller than the height of the area behind it and has dead leaves on top.

This will prevent the wind from blowing over your patio chairs and tables.

Planting an evergreen tree or shrub in front of your furniture is another option.

Evergreens can grow up to 50 feet high if not trimmed back regularly, so they’re effective at shielding your furniture from strong winds.

A windbreak can also serve as an attractive addition to your outdoor living space, as well as improve air circulation in your yard.

How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

Use Furniture Covers

Furniture covers are an easy way to keep outdoor furniture from blowing away.

They can be made out of canvas or other durable materials and are usually sold in rolls.

You’ll want to make sure the covers you choose are heavy enough to withstand high winds but thin enough that they won’t interfere with the appearance of your furniture.

These covers come in different designs and colors so you can find something that fits your home’s décor.

Secure With Bungee Cords

The most common way to secure outdoor furniture is with bungee cords.

These are usually made of weather-resistant material and can be used to anchor a table or chair to the ground or to secure it against the wind.

Bungee cords can be purchased at most hardware stores, but they’re also available online.

Make sure that the cords are long enough to reach from the ground up to your furniture’s top.

How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

Bring the Furniture Indoors

One of the best ways to keep outdoor furniture from being blown away is to bring it indoors.

If you have a patio or deck, don’t leave it out in the elements. Instead, bring it inside where it’s out of the way and in a safe place.

If you don’t have a storage shed or garage, bring your furniture inside for the night and don’t worry about it getting damaged by wind.

Stake and Anchor It

If you have a large piece of outdoor furniture, such as a table or chair, you can use stakes and anchors to fasten it down.

This is especially useful if the item is heavy or you want to make sure it won’t blow away in strong winds.

Once you have positioned the base anchor in the grass, drive two stakes into the ground around the base of each leg of your outdoor furniture.

Then, place another stake in the ground near each end of each leg so that it reaches all the way across your yard.

This will make sure that no wind can get under your patio furniture and lift it up off the ground.

How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

Stack Your Furniture

Stack your furniture directly on the ground, or in a low place that is sheltered from the wind.

If you have more than one piece of furniture, stack them onto each other.

This will reduce the chance that one of the pieces will get blown away by the wind.

You’ll want to place the heaviest pieces, such as patio chairs, on top of each other and then add lighter ones until you’ve reached the highest point.

This will help keep your furniture from getting blown away in high winds.


Don’t let the wind ruin your outdoor fun.

After reading this helpful guide on how to keep outdoor furniture from blowing away, you’ll be able to enjoy your patio or deck knowing that your outdoor furniture will be safe from the wind.

Always remember, don’t leave things outside unless they are secure.

This way you can use them when it is nice out and not worry about them becoming aerial objects.

How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away


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