Boys Outdoor Adventure Room – Inspiration

Olioboard - Outdoor Adventure Boys Room

After seeing how much my little nephew loved his baby sister’s nursery, I couldn’t help but plan to surprise him with his very own room makeover. So, I put together a mood board for a space that he can really grow into. He recently turned seven and I think he’s at the perfect age to appreciate the reno me and his mother are about to jump into!

This is what his room currently looks like:



 You can’t tell by the pictures but three of the four walls are wallpapered (not sure how many layers, hopefully less than 5!) and then painted over. I never thought I’d be stripping wallpaper again so soon but it’s going to be a labor of love for this little cutie :)

12108198_1650559925223102_7055703181902358143_n (1)

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