Boys Outdoor Adventure Room – Update

Alright guys, this is it… the last time I ever attempt to remove decades worth of wallpaper from any room! Yes, we saved a ton of money by opting to keep the existing walls, but I only have so much patience haha.

Seven layers of wallpaper and many hours later we finally had a smooth surface to work with. Ironically, the first thing we did was put up more wallpaper! But someone else gets to tear it down in 90 years instead of us :)

wallpaper removed 1920s house

Birch Wallpaper - Boys Outdoor Adventure Room

I am so in love with this pattern and think it’s adorable for a little boys room, or any room really. We only applied it to one wall and the rest of the room will be painted white.

Once that was finished, we started skim coating to prep the walls for paint. This is also extremely time consuming and dusty! We used this sheetrock compound that dries in 90 minutes which gave us plenty of time to get the walls nice and smooth.

skim coat sheetrock

This is after one layer of compound.

skim coating walls after wallpaper removal

We had to apply thick coats to the popcorn slanted wall but it worked great at covering the lovely vintage mess.

skim coating over popcorn ceiling

And this was the last corner to finish after two layers of compound! There was a big sigh of relief at this point.

second coat of skim coat

Once we lightly sand the walls, we’ll finally be able to paint. If you’re an avid DIYer like myself, I don’t want to scare you away from a project like this, it’s completely doable and will only cost you about the price of two bags of setting compound (roughly $50). When we were about to renovate Ava’s nursery we were quoted $600 to have the walls removed and drywall installed. So it comes down to whether or not you want to put in the time and labor yourself. But I’m personally all labored out! haha

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4 Comment

  1. All the best! Look forward to seeing the finished room…

  2. I’m sorry if I am not seeing more information, is this wall paper?

    1. Hi Yolanda! Yes it is, it’s faux birch wallpaper from Bouclair. Here’s the link!

  3. Carla Faughnan says: Reply

    Looks fantastic and a whole lot of work. It would be well worth the work.

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