New Camper Cushions! For Cheap!

I am sooo excited about this post! When we purchased the camper last fall we knew we had to do something about the existing cushions because there was no way I was going to sleep on them in the state they were in. The foam inside was old, stiff, and stained, and who knows how many people sat on them…

Sprite 2

I thought I would just purchase new foam and fabric and make them myself…. reality check, it would cost a fortune! Did you know how expensive foam was? really? it’s ridiculous. It would of cost me $300-$400 just for the foam, and not high quality foam either, it would of been half the thickness. Then, I would need to buy fabric on top of that which can be very expensive if you’re buying upholstery fabric.

So, we decided we’d keep the foam and just clean it with baking soda, vinegar, and water and let it dry in the sun for a few days (a solution I found online for cleaning old cushions) . But, I was still not happy that it would be the same old cushions just smelling a tad bit better.

Now for the awesome part! While getting groceries, I noticed that Superstore was starting to bring out its summer patio items and decided to take a detour into that aisle. Then I noticed this:


Outdoor bench cushions! So, I thought wow those look to be the exact size of the cushions in the camper and I got really excited that maybe they would fit. I ran home to grab my measuring tape, and of course my husband, and went back to measure them….and they were the perfect size!!

Cushions before:


 Cushions after:WP_20150502_001

I couldn’t make them cheaper than $26.00 a piece so I think this is a real bargain! My current goal is to have the camper ready for its first Eric and Jolie adventure by the end of June so keep checking in :)

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7 Replies to “New Camper Cushions! For Cheap!”

  1. I’m at the same place! Which Superstore?

    1. Downtown Fredericton Superstore! They have different patterns this year but they have them all in stock :)

      1. Well, that explains why I could not find them! I am in Georgia! Wonder if I could order them on line?

        1. If not, I’ve seen some at WalMart too. Right now is the perfect time of year to find them so I would check around. Good luck!

  2. Great idea! But did you need to use something under them to support them? the camper cushions are rigid…

    1. Hi Melissa! No we didn’t need to there’s wood storage units under the cushions that open up and they’re solid so the cushions just rest on those.

  3. This is a marvelous idea I was thinking of covering mine with a fabric shower curtains I have but this is the best idea I’ve seen yet! No sew!!! Thank you

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