DIY Woodland Mobile Using Christmas Ornaments!

DIY Woodland Mobile

This is the first diy project of many to come for my sister-in-law’s woodland themed nursery. For the past few weeks I’ve been slowly picking up cute little woodland ornaments that I found on sale at different stores around town. I was originally going to buy pre-made animals made of felt for the mobile but then remembered that this time of year is great for finding Christmas animal ornaments.

DIY Woodland Mobile with Christmas ornaments

They ranged from $1.80-$4.99 with the white deer being the most expensive, but it was just too beautiful to leave behind! I then picked up this round piece of wood from Michael’s for about $6 after I used my 50% off coupon.

diy woodland mobile wooden base

I inserted 3 eye screws to the top piece of the wood and 5 to the bottom for each of the woodland animals to hang from.

DIY Woodland Mobile - eye screws

I spray-painted both sides of the wood white and then cut two strips of white birch bark to go around the base of the mobile.

round wood mobile base

diy woodland mobile white birch bark

mobile base birch bark eye screws

We have a white birch tree in our backyard so we took a piece that was already falling off for this project. To add the birch bark to the base I just used hot glue.

To hang the mobile I tied 3 pieces of jute twine together and knotted the ends of them through the eye screws.

mobile base birch bark

I removed all of the tags and Christmas decorations from the woodland animals and then glued long pieces of twine to them for hanging.

Woodland animals christmas decorations

I played around with different heights and then secured them in place once I was satisfied with how they looked.

DIY Woodland Mobile

DIY Woodland Mobile

And there you have it, a very simple and cheap diy woodland mobile! And in case anyone is worried about safety, this mobile is purely decorative so I’ll be installing it out of reach of the baby.

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind staring at one of these until I fell asleep :)

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