Free Tropical Leaf Printables free tropical leaf printables

Hey guys, I just had to share with you these awesome free tropical leaves that I found over at! I’ve been trying to find art for this wall in the guest bedroom for some time now but I wanted something that would tie into the tropical theme and not be overwhelming or tacky. I think these are so glamorous hung together in black frames. I picked up the frames from the dollar store at $4 a piece so this project cost me less than $40 and I think it makes a great statement. If you’re not a fan of the leaves, she has a variety of vintage style printables on her site so be sure to take a look! Have a great weekend!


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7 Replies to “Free Tropical Leaf Printables”

  1. Which of the the “Dollar” stores sells frames–and for $4?
    At Dollar Tree everything is $1

    1. Hi Denise! I’m in Canada, so I got the frames at Dollarama which has items ranging from $1 to $4. I’m sure you can find similar frames for a good price at WalMart as well.

  2. Cheryl Chapman-Cichy says: Reply

    Awesome work! I love it!

  3. I’ve have been looking for Palm leaves . Can anyone help me ? Similarly to Your bedspread & I’m not talented to free hand drawing them . But Love the staging of the wall leaves 🌷💖

  4. Graphics Fairy is a great place to start – it’s a truly amazing resource, I feel forever indebted to the blogger. Also, can have some fantastic printables, they have a monthly DIY magazine & associated ad-heavy blog that is drawing more and more content from showcasing blogs like Vintage Meets Glam (I don’t know if they’ve actually used it – but it wouldn’t be a surprise, as it ticks all the boxes they want to highlight and then some!) is horribly organized & a ginormous pain to navigate, but I have found some outstanding quality botanical printables (as well as others) but be prepared to dig… I’ve foind it worth the effort. Lastly, use Google Image Search – just be SURE that you’re not infringing on anyone’s copyrights by making sure you’ve found the VERY first – and therefore original – source of the srtwork, and make sure you read the Creqtove Commons attribution license to ensure that however you’re trying to use it is acceptable. Alternatively, Michael’s & Joann & Walmart & ACMoore all carry sooo many stencils, decals, and a thousand other ways to make a print. You might find a free stock photo that you can download into a basic editing program and find that by applying the right filter, you’ve easily created the look you’re after – just because you’re not a painter or able to afford custom artwork doesn’t mean you’re destined for a life of almost-but-not-quite-what-you’re-after style. Creativity is thinking OUTSIDE the box… thinking that you’d have to actually draw or paint the palm frond yourself is a very INSIDE the box – and believe it or not, ANTIQUATED way of going about producing a custom image on a budget! Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks for all the info! I’ll have to check it out :)

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