DIY Staircase Makeover

About a month ago I decided to repaint the baseboards upstairs white to freshen them up but what started as a quick and simple one day project, quickly turned into a complete staircase makeover….oops!

I was just going to touch up the staircase once I was done with the baseboards but I was growing tired of how dirty the white treads would get just after a few days of use. I had also been entertaining the idea of painting the treads black and maybe doing a wallpaper on the risers or a stencil, so when I found this stencil at the dollar store I just had to test it out!

It fit perfectly and was just the right width. This led to us tearing up two damaged treads that were beginning to crack. I brought my measurements to Home Depot and they cut us two treads from one board which only cost $20. My husband then rounded them off to match our existing treads. We could have cut the wood ourselves but it’s so much faster and accurate to have it cut in store!

We considered having a new staircase built but this one was still in good condition other than the few treads that needed replaced.

Once the new treads were installed, I painted them a hi-gloss black along with the handrail.

To add a bit more character to the staircase, I added this dentil trim to the inner and outer strings.

I already had the black paint so this project cost me less than $60! and it looks way better than I could of imagined. I think if our new guard dog could talk, he’d agree.


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8 Replies to “DIY Staircase Makeover”

  1. Simply and beautifully done.. love it!

  2. Hi, you are so creative,well done to you. I am going to try this project as my
    Stairs are looking tired and this would be a lovely makeover.
    Thanks for your ideas,

    1. Thanks Adrienne! It was so easy to do you should definitely try it!

  3. Love your frugal diy! It looks great! I have to remember they will cut wood for you, major time saver! I found you on Instagram and love your feed.

    1. Thanks Renee! So happy you found me!

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